Kang Daniel Shares How He Prepared For His Comeback + Sends Hopeful Message To Fans

Kang Daniel recently participated in an interview to talk about his comeback with the mini album “CYAN” and title track “2U.”

“I’m happy and excited to be releasing a new album and to be able to perform and do music again,” he said. “It’s a comeback, but it feels like I’ve returned to my roots. This album is very precious and important to me, but it’s also a new challenge. I think I’ll be able to do it well.”

When asked about the challenges of making a comeback in the midst of the COVID-19 situation, he replied, “I always say this to DANITY [fandom name], but the most important thing is that everyone stay healthy. Health is the most important thing. Because of the current situation, I can’t say that this is the ideal time for a comeback, but there are a lot of things I wanted to show this year, so I decided to keep going as scheduled. Everyone is trying to endure this difficult time right now, and I hope that my album can give a little bit of positive energy to them.”

Kang Daniel shared some details about the process behind his comeback. “I think that teamwork on stage is really important,” he said. “I’m not filling the stage on my own. There are many people who are working with me in order to create an even better performance, so I focused on building up our collective teamwork together.”

He added, “There were so may good songs that it was really hard picking a few to go into the album. If you ask me what my favorite song on the album is, that’s an even harder question. If I had to pick one, I’d pick ‘Interview.’ After I finished recording, I listened back to it and I think that it suited my voice the best.”

Kang Daniel described his title track, “2U,” as a song that was produced and written by Chancellor. “He said that he had me in mind when he was working on it. When I was listening to the bare bones of the song, even though it wasn’t finished, it felt like I’d found a set of clothes that fit me perfectly.”

Asked about the message he hopes to send through his ‘color’ series, he responded, “The ‘color’ series is about finding my true self. I want to gradually show the process by which I find my own color. ‘CYAN’ is the first step in that series, and it has a positive and bright message. The other albums will have their own colors and unique messages and concepts.”

Finally, Kang Daniel shared his 2020 goals. “It’s not a goal for this year, but I want to see the ‘color’ series project out to the end,” he said. “In terms of my personal hobbies, I’ve gotten obsessed with magic tricks recently, and I want to try learning it properly.”

He added, “Rather than wishing things only for myself, I hope that everyone can stay healthy this year. As for me, I want to mature another level when it comes to music.”

Check out Kang Daniel’s music video for “2U” here!

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