Ahn Bo Hyun Talks About Working With Park Seo Joon, His Family’s Reaction To “Itaewon Class,” And More

Following the finale of popular JTBC drama “Itaewon Class,” Ahn Bo Hyun sat down to discuss what the project meant to him.

The actor described what the drama’s popularity has done for his personal Youtube channel, sharing, “These days, the viewers of the drama have been visiting my channel. The number of comments has grown by a whole decimal place.”

He also revealed the reaction of his family members. He shared, “My parents don’t usually comment on my career. They barely talked about ‘Itaewon Class’ up to episode nine, but after episode 10, they began to go around bragging about it.” He continued, “My younger sister is a fan of the original ‘Itaewon Class.’ Even before I started filming, she would worry about the webtoon and tell me, ‘You could get hate if you do poorly.’ She’s now changed completely and doesn’t say anything,” adding a laugh.

Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he is also a fan of the original webtoon, explaining, “Before it even became a drama, I wanted to try acting as Jang Geun Won.”

Regarding the drama, he shared what it was like to work with Park Seo Joon. He explained, “Since we are the same age, it was comfortable, and our conversations flowed well. Whenever we had scenes together, we would discuss how to portray it, and he would accept all my suggestions.” He added with a laugh, “Although there were only a few scenes with Sae Roy and Geun Won, the impact of their meeting was strong. That’s why I think it was like that.”

He continued to praise Park Seo Joon, saying, “He is a friend with an impressive filmography and a wide spectrum. That’s why we were able to communicate and accommodate one another well. He was helpful to me, and I was able to gain confidence.”

The actor revealed that he avoids eating chicken because he’s eaten so much while trying to stay fit. Instead, he shared, “I really like instant noodles. I think it’s my soul food. Since I can’t eat it all the time, I exercise diligently and eat it as a reward.” He explained that he enjoys Kang Ho Dong‘s tvN program “The Man Who Cooks Ramen” and always cooks it like him when he goes camping. Ahn Bo Hyun added, “I like the brand Kang Ho Dong advertises. If the opportunity arises, I would like to try that advertisement.”

When asked what feedback he enjoys hearing the most, Ahn Bo Hyun replied, “‘He looks like he came straight out of the webtoon.’ People were busy hating on Jang Geun Won in the original, so it’s a relief that those same people are saying I came straight from the cartoon. I feel like I’ve met the expectations.”

He also explained why “Itaewon Class” means so much to him. He shared, “After every project, I am the type to completely embody the character and drama. ‘Itaewon Class’ is especially different. It’s the first time that I’m receiving such praise as an actor and this extent of a response. Before starting the project, I spent a lot of time analyzing my character. That all returned as positive feedback, so I feel really happy.”

Ahn Bo Hyun shared that many people have been interested in his filmography after seeing him in “Itaewon Class.” He jokingly explained that while some have gone back to watch him in “Her Private Life,” he was still portraying a villain. He shared, “In my next project, I want to hear, ‘He was Jang Geun Won?’ Comments like that mean that I’ve embodied my character well as an actor. I want to become an actor with various, unexpected charms.”

With regards to genres he wants to try, Ahn Bo Hyun remarked, “I want to try action and thriller genres.” However, he added, “All the characters I’ve played have been unsuccessful with love. If the opportunity arises, I want to film a melodrama where I find love.”

As he is yet to decide on his next project, Ahn Bo Hyun shared, “In the meantime, I’m going to find new hobbies that are small but bring certain happiness. I’m also planning on uploading YouTube videos, which I haven’t been able to do for some time while I was filming.”

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