“A Piece Of Your Mind” Producer Responds To Premiere Reviews And Talks About What’s To Come

The chief producer (CP) of tvN’s newest drama “A Piece of Your Mind,” which premiered Monday, responded to initial reviews of the drama and shared what viewers can look forward to in the coming episodes.

“A Piece of Your Mind” stars Jung Hae In as an artificial intelligence (AI) programmer named Ha Won and Chae Soo Bin as a classical recording engineer named Seo Woo as they meet and tell a story of unrequited love.

CP Kim Jin Yi of the drama said, “First, I’d like to thank all of the viewers for their interest. After the first episode, some viewers said the drama was ‘difficult to understand’ and ‘unfamiliar.’ There were certain scenes where there was no explanation to aid understanding, but in planning the drama, we wanted to relay a feeling of unfamiliarity rather than familiarity and comfort.”

The CP added, “From episodes two, three, and on, the unexpected elements from episode one will be resolved. From what it is that Ha Won does at work, to how Seo Woo feels when she meets him, all will be revealed.”

On what viewers should look for in future episodes, Kim Jin Yi said, “We hope viewers watch for what kind of feelings Han Seo Woo feels towards Ha Won, who has only had eyes for Ji Soo thus far, and how her feelings toward him deepen. It will slowly be revealed how the drama’s subject of ‘one-sided love’ can be a source of comfort.”

Praising both of the lead actors, Kim Jin Yi said, “Jung Hae In readily signed on to do the drama. He has a high level of understanding of his character Ha Won. Though the character isn’t a common one, Jung Hae In is portraying the character well, going along with the flow of the drama.”

“Chae Soo Bin is also relating to her character well and portraying her emotions. There will be many more scenes to come that show the actors’ detailed emotional portrayals. There are heart-fluttering moments on the way, so we hope you will tune in.”

“A Piece of Your Mind” premiered March 23 and airs on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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