Kang Daniel Shares Update On His Health, Talks About “2U” Choreography, And More

Kang Daniel talked about his health, making his return, and more!

On the March 25 episode of “E-news Exclusive,” Kang Daniel sat down for an interview about his comeback with the mini album “CYAN.”

After he taught part of his title track “2U” choreography to the interviewer, she found out that it was much harder than it looks. Kang Daniel said, “The choreography looks like it’s really easy. But to be honest, it was very difficult to make choreography for the song’s tempo.” He described doing the dance as similar to an anaerobic exercise (which includes high intensity movements performed in a short time).

When asked how much time he spends practicing choreography, Kang Daniel said, “In the period where I’m working on the choreography, it’s about five hours [each day] for each song.”

“Dancing is my favorite hobby,” he said. The interviewer pointed out that he’s able to do it as his job and he said with a smile, “I’m really lucky.”

After releasing his single “Touchin’” last November, Kang Daniel went on hiatus in early December as he was dealing with an increase in mental health issues. The interviewer mentioned to Kang Daniel that he was returning following his break.

He responded, “While doing the things I used to do, the things that I enjoy, I try to keep my mind empty.” When asked how he is now, Kang Daniel said with a smile, “I’m doing well now.”

Kang Daniel went on to talk about the meaning of his new song. “I thought about this a lot while I was working on the track,” he said. “The core meaning of the song is that in a difficult situation, I’m going to keep supporting you because you’re you. To me, I think the song sounds like spring.”

Finally, Kang Daniel promised to fans that he’ll be sharing a lot of content with them in the future. He added, “I’m going to always be healthy, so you should all be healthy too,” and asked everyone to look forward to his music.

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