5 Perfect Moments From Episodes 7 & 8 Of “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice”

This past week’s episodes of “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” had more moments that made hearts melt and brought a level of healing that no other K-drama out there is doing at the moment. Here’s a look at five of those perfect moments.

Warning: spoilers for the drama below.

1. When Hwi sees Hae Won get rejected

That heart-fluttering epic moment when Hae Won realizes she has feelings for Eun Seob is pretty perfect. With all the event lights surrounding them, Hae Won is bold and courageous when she admits her feelings to him. Shortly after she reveals her feelings, Eun Seob answers with a simple, “Okay.” It is at this embarrassing moment that Eun Seob’s little sister, Hwi, witnesses the entire thing and makes Hae Won feel even worse.

Such a mood.

At what could have been a pretty heartbreaking moment, Hwi completely turns the situation around and turns it all into a mood. How relatable is this moment of complete and utter rejection? Hae Won stands still wanting nothing more than to curl up into a hole and cry.

2. Hae Won taking out her anger on her aunt

The day after Hae Won has that awkward confession with Eun Seob, she’s visibly very angry and upset. And who does she take it out on? Her innocent aunt.

This moment was hilarious and I couldn’t help but love this side of Hae Won. Up until this point, we’ve seen a lot of her serious side, so it was refreshing and nice to see her act with a bit of angst and a sense of humor. She was so relatable in this particular episode and it made for some comic relief.

3. When Lee Jang Woo is shy and scared around Eun Sil

Everyone in the village knows that Jang Woo (Lee Jae Wook) has a serious crush on Eun Sil (Yang Hye Ji). But whenever she’s around, he freezes and becomes the opposite of how he normally is.

It’s great to see Lee Jae Wook having with a love line in this story and hopefully they’ll show more of him as the series goes on! His character is a ball of joy and his positive energy is so infectious.

4. The subtle smile from Eun Seob

There is a flashback towards the end of episode 8 where Hae Won gets seated beside Eun Seob in class. Hae Won doesn’t notice Eun Seob, but he looks over at her and is so pleasantly surprised to see her. There’s a subtle smile that forms on his face and it’s enough to make anyone’s heart flutter.

One of the main reasons why this series strikes such a chord with me is seeing such detailed moments like this. It’s through such small actions that we’re able to see how much Eun Seob loves Hae Won and how much he has yearned for her since high school. It truly is such a romantic tale!

5. That kiss!

Eun Seob’s mother asks Hae Won to walk with him to retrieve his little sister’s book from the mountainside. It’s an awkward trip up as the night before, Eun Seob had officially rejected Hae Won. Feeling resentment and sadness, Hae Won tells Eun Seob to go back down the mountain himself while she continues to climb it. Eun Seob obviously doesn’t leave her, and instead, helps her on her little journey up the mountain. Once they get there, Eun Seob has an overwhelming amount of memories come to him and he becomes compelled to give her a kiss.

The timing seemed a bit rushed with this kiss in that he had just rejected her the night before, but Hae Won finally got what she finally deserved! These two needed to be together sooner than later and it was nice that it wasn’t dragged out any longer. The intimate and romantic kiss on top of the mountain in front of the beautiful view was totally worth the wait. I can’t wait to see the romance bloom next week!

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