3 Ways “365: Repeat The Year” Has Captured The Viewers’ Attention From The Premiere

365: Repeat the Year” just premiered this week, but viewers are already getting addicted to it!

The drama tells the story of a mystery survival game in which people go one year back in time to make their lives perfect, but find themselves trapped in an even more mysterious course of events.

Here are three reasons why “365: Repeat the Year” is so addicting:


Story of a “Death Note”-like game that resets lives

The reason why “365: Repeat the Year” has been at the center of attention from the beginning is because of its premise. The theme of resetting lives by sending current memories to the body of the past is intriguing. The drama took it a step further and foreshadowed the creation of a genre with thrill, suspense, and entertainment, as it heralded a survival game among those who “reset” their lives. On top of that, every “resetter” had their own reason to join the game, but just because they reset their lives doesn’t mean they’re satisfied with the new results. The fresh and elaborate plot is making viewers anticipate the next event.

Speedy and unpredictable plot development

The rapid development is also one of the key reasons why viewers are so enraptured by this drama. Usually the first episode of a drama is slow because it introduces the characters and their backgrounds to help viewers understand the setting. However, “365: Repeat the Year” was different from the beginning because it showed the reasons why the lead characters wanted to reset their lives and the deaths of the mysterious “resetters” that followed. Already, four people have died in the past four episodes, and viewers are sitting at the edge of the seat because of the fast, unpredictable development. More tension and speed is expected to come in the next episodes.

Perfect combination of cast, crew, and script

Another reason why the drama is drawing attention is because of its unique style. It has put a twist on the time slip genre, a topic that has already been covered in numerous productions so far. Also, there is the talented cast, who perfectly portray their distinctive characters.

Lee Joon Hyuk plays a violent crimes detective Ji Hyung Joo in the seventh year of his career, who feels a sense of responsibility after having lost one of his colleagues. Nam Ji Hyun plays the webtoon writer Shin Ga Hyun, who lost her ability to walk in an unfortunate accident. Kim Ji Soo plays the mysterious psychologist Lee Shin, who gives 10 people the key to reset their fate. Yang Dong Geun plays Bae Jung Tae, a man with a gambling addiction who used to work for a loan shark.

Then there are the supporting actors that includes Lee Shi AhYoon Joo SangIm Ha Ryong, Ryu Tae Ho, Jung Min SungLee Sung WookBaek Soo Jang, Yoon Hye Ri, Kim Ha Kyung, Im Hyun Soo, Ahn Seung Gyun, and Lee Yoo Mi.

In particular, the thrill and suspense felt in the work are assessed to have been properly presented. On top of that, the entertainment felt in the story setting is more exciting as it conveys the charm of the newly completed genre that makes us realize that the genre has opened a new horizon.

The next episode of “365: Repeat the Year” will air on March 30 at 8:55 p.m. KST.

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