“Rugal” Cast Shares Exciting Points To Look Out For Ahead Of Premiere

The cast of OCN’s “Rugal” has given viewers reasons why they should tune into the new drama!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Rugal” centers around Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk), an elite detective who attempts to bring down a nationwide criminal organization named Argos. He ends up framed for murder as well as losing his family and both of his eyes. After joining the organization Rugal, which has gathered a team of “human weapons,” Kang Ki Bum sets out on a quest to get revenge against Argos.

Choi Jin Hyuk said, “When I received the script, I thought a lot about [if I should do it or not] since it was a genre I’ve never tried before, but as I talked with the director and other crew members, I developed a spirit of challenge.”

Concerning the key point, the actor shared, “There are many difficult scenes because this is an action hero drama, but we are all enjoying filming the drama together.” He added about his teamwork with Park Sung Woong, saying, “He’s a senior actor I really wanted to meet. He’s so cheerful and bright that I’m having fun filming with him.”

Then he said, “Please watch the growth process in which [the members of] ‘Rugal’ are reborn after overcoming their pain and embodies justice against the evil Argos. You’ll find a thrilling action hero drama you’ve never seen before.”

Park Sung Woong, who is playing the villain in this drama, shared that he joined the drama because it can appeal to viewers with various charms and said he’s working out a lot for the action scenes. Concerning his teamwork with his co-stars, he said, “Actor Choi Jin Hyuk gave me a great first impression, and he is a friend who works hard, so it’s comfortable working with him and we have good chemistry. Han Ji Wan and I are also enjoying filming tense scenes. Actor Yoo Sang Hoon is very pure compared to his appearance, so it’s fun to be with him, and actor Kim Da Hyun is familiar with the stage, so her acting is very stable.”

He added, “I hope you enjoy the impressive action and diverse characters. The production crew and actors are trying their best together. I’ll see you soon.”

Jo Dong Hyuk, who upgraded his action scenes as Han Tae Woong, the leader of Rugal, praised the unique story, theme, and actions of the drama and commented, “I took good care of myself to show the strong side of Han Tae Woong, and I thought a lot about how to express a character who is friendly with his members yet firm when it comes to work. As it is the first time I’m acting in such a genre, I also have high expectations and I am satisfied with the choice of my work while watching the filming. Please look forward to the actors’ strong relationships and differentiated actions.”

Jung Hye In plays the role of Song Mi Na, a biologically augmented agent of Rugal. Of her character, she said, “I want to make Song Mi Na more special because she is a special character in a fresh drama. Powerful action with flexibility will be added to the plan to show refreshing and graceful action.”

The actress continued, “The journey to become a hero is very enjoyable and happy, but I realized that it takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. I’m happy to play a special character that is hard to meet, and I’ll show you something new, so look forward to tonight’s premiere.”

Han Ji Wan plays Choi Ye Won, the successor of Argos. She shared about her character, “In the drama, Choi Ye Won is a more three-dimensional character than the original. She is a character who looks fragile on the outside but has an uncontrollable desire inside.”

Concerning Park Sung Woong, she commented, “I thought a lot about how I could win the overwhelming energy and power that he has. I’m really happy every time we film, and it’s really enjoyable to go to the set because it allows me to focus on the situation and the character. If you catch up with the subtle psychology of the characters, you’ll be able to enjoy the drama more.”

Kim Min Sang, who plays the director who created Rugal, shared, “‘Rugal’ has the urgency that every character has to live. Since the members have different abilities, it will be fun to compare them. It’s an honor to work with a good cast and crew, and I’m working hard with the determination that everything will be fine as long as I do well. I’m doing my best to film, so please show a lot of interest.”

Park Sun Ho takes the role of Lee Kwang Chul, a handsome yet rugged hero. He said, “I had a strong desire to challenge myself in being in an action hero drama in Korea. Although Lee Kwang Chul is usually bright and cute, he changes 180 degrees and shows charisma when he saves a citizen, so I think he’s a character who can show both charms.”

Then the actor shared a key point, saying, “You’ll be able to see the cool and exhilarating performance of the Rugal team members, each of whom has different abilities and charms. Please look forward to seeing Lee Kwang Chul grow into a true hero.”

“Rugal” premieres on March 28 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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