Spring Ready: Makeup And Skincare Essentials To Kick Off The New Season

While we’re not truly out there to witness how spring is springing, we can already feel the air is getting warmer and days are getting longer. No matter if we’re outside of our houses or inside, our skin changes a bit with weather transition, and so does our routine. Our makeup, on the other hand, tends to get brighter, and glitter is once again a spring must. Sound like you’re ready to give your skincare and makeup cabinets a seasonal makeover? Here are some essential beauty items you should add to your collection ASAP for spring!

Supergoop – Glowscreen

It’s always a good time to glow — and protect our skin from UV rays! Supergoop’s Glowscreen is an illuminating, makeup-gripping primer, formulated to even out skin tone with a dose of pearlescence to add an instant glow. The marvelous formula is infused with a cocktail of healthy-skin ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 for an added boost of hydration and broad-spectrum SPF 40 protection, why yes, let’s remember sunscreen is a 24/7/365 thing.

Ciate London – The Cheat Sheets

Ahhh… is there anything more fun than adding extra personality to our nails? Don’t think so. Ciate London recently came out with an incredible innovation, putting themselves at the forefront of nail creativity. The Cheat Sheets allows you to showcase your artistry with total ease. These sticker-like nail art designs are so simple to use that no matter your ability or skill, you can achieve that perfect, straight-from-the-runway manicure more easily than ever before.

ILIA – Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment

Multi-use products are lifesavers all year round, but for the warmer months, we especially appreciate them, as we can shed some weight on the number of products we carry around. Ilia’s Multi-use pigment is a unique, cleanly formulated cream-based formula for cheeks and lip that can build in color intensity, or blend out to a soft wash of color. It dries down to a natural matte finish on lips. Just choose your level of color payoff by dialing up the intensity with a few bold swipes or blend out for a soft haze of color.

Versed – Take-Two Double Cleansing Duo

What’s the trick to maximizing the efficacy of your skincare? A clean, and we mean CLEAN, face. Enter double-cleansing, enter Versed Take-Two Double Cleansing Duo. Start with an oil-based cleanser to remove impurities. Versed’s Day Dissolve cleansing balm lifts dirt and grime, breaks down sebum, and melts away makeup. Follow it with a gentle, deep cleansing wash to purify the skin. The Wash It Out Gel Cleanser clears pores, removing stubborn bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells.

Cosrx – Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

If you’re already familiar with Cosrx, you probably know their super popular, best-selling essence, the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power. Well, then you’ll understand why this eye cream is such a big deal. This double functioning eye cream contains snail secretion filtrate, which moisturizes, protects, and helps rejuvenate the eye area. The peptide complex-5, which consists of 5 different types of peptides, helps produce collagen, and the niacinamide brightens dark circles. The formula helps restore the delicate eye-area and prevent future signs of aging while gently erasing the look of fine lines. AKA a godsend.

Ohii – Wake Up Pen

It was never so easy to brighten up your skin! With ohii’s Wake Up Pen, your dewy, illuminated look essentials are covered with a trio of shades formulated for your skin tone but great as a naturally universal highlight. The vegan blend is reflective and bright, but never glittery, for a super fresh-faced look we love. It also doubles as a highlighter at for your cheekbones and nose, so it’s even more of a treasure.

SNP PREP – Peptaronic Serum

When I tell you I’d like to swim in this formula, I truly mean it. This ultra-moisturizing serum delivers a flawless and powdery finish to organize the skin texture with a non-oily silk moisture system. It also will replenish moisture and deliver much-needed nutrition to extremely dry skin — weather transition can bring up dehydration really easily! With five types of hyaluronic acid, this serum intensively moisturizes the skin without any stickiness.

Colourpop – Bare Necessities Palette

Looking for the perfect time to step up your eyeshadow game? Well, spring is without a doubt the time! Colourpop’s 30-pan shadow palette will change your makeup game forever. This is what we like to call a multi-dynamic palette. It will truly cover all your necessities no matter the season, but it’s a great one to transition from winter to spring. With 30 new shadows in buttery mattes, rich metallics, and bling glitter in the most wearable shades ever, this baby is a necessity.

Neogen – Real Ferment Essence

Hydration, hydration, hydration. That’s what our skin is looking for right now. Well, Neogen has us all covered thankfully with a deeply hydrating and brightening essence that contains more than 93 percent naturally fermented ingredients, to deliver instant moisture and skin-plumping benefits. This fragrance-free fermented treatment is also formulated with 17 percent birch juice to add hydration and 9 percent rice extracts to illuminate skin from within. Full of natural brighteners, antioxidants, and cell-communicating ingredients, this essence is the key to glowing, supple “honey skin.”

Flesh – Fleshpot Eye & Cheek Gloss

Is there a more comforting word out there than gloss? Nope, probably not, and Flesh knows it. That’s why they created the Fleshpot, a shiny gloss in three shades flecked with pink, gold, and red pigments that give eyelids, cheeks, and lips a glimmery sheen when worn alone or over makeup. Just smooth Fleshpot on with your finger over your eyelids, cheeks, and/or lips. It works on clean skin or over makeup! A trick? Try it over dark eyeshadow to create a smudgy, French-girl look.

Which of these do you think you’ll be adding to your beauty collection, Soompiers?

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of your (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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