EXO’s Suho Introduces The Songs On His Solo Album, Thanks Fans For No. 1

March 30, EXO’s Suho talked about his solo debut with the mini album “Self-Portrait.”

Taking some time to introduce the different songs on the album, he first talked about “O2,” the first song on the tracklist. He said, “When I first heard it, I felt as if I were under water. I felt like I was swimming under water, so I called the song ‘O2.’ The song is about two people who feel empty inside, and when they meet, they are like oxygen to each other, allowing each other to breathe.”

He continued, “The emotion is really important in this song, and we especially focused on the intro and outro while recording. The lyrics are beautiful too, but I wanted to express that within [the beauty], there is also emptiness.”

On the second song, “Let’s Love,” Suho said, “Of course, it’s the title track. It’s so good,” and emphasized that he likes the song a lot. “All of the songs are great, but I was really stuck on this one.”

He explained that because “Let’s Love” is also EXO’s team slogan, one that he himself suggested, the name holds extra meaning for him. “While promoting for eight years, it’s possible for members to fight. […] Before we go on stage, whenever we shout, ‘EXO let’s love,’ we relax and open up a bit. So I feel like we chose our slogan well.”

The third track, “Made in You,” was a song made with EXO fans in mind. He said, “I hope EXO-Ls listen to it a lot.”

“Starry Night,” track number four, is a rock ballad. Suho said, “The cold piano and electric guitar add to the sadness of the song. After a breakup, even if people act like they’re fine, everyone is huddled in the dark with the blackout curtains closed.”

The next song is “Self-Portrait.” Suho said, “I really changed the lyrics a lot for this. I thought I was going to go crazy. The working title for the original was ‘Plagiarism.’ A lot of people said it was too strong, so I ended up changing it.”

The final song, “For You Now,” features Younha. Suho said, “Younha was amazing. I heard her first verse, and it was just the best.” Talking about the meaning of the song, Suho explained, “There are times when we miss the right timing to say thank you to someone. [This song says] to the people that we’re thankful to that, ‘Now, I’ll be the one to comfort you. I hope you have sweet dreams.'”

Suho’s title track “Let’s Love” from his mini album “Self-Portrait,” which dropped March 30, hit No. 1 on Melon’s realtime chart, and along with a screenshot, Suho thanked fans on his Instagram, saying, “I’m watching. Thank you, EXO-L. This is all thanks to you. Let’s love forever. My love, my love EXO-L.”

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