4 Moments From “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” Episodes 9 & 10 That Melted Our Hearts

This week we got more blissful and healing episodes from “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice.” The love between Im Eun Seob and Mok Hae Won has officially blossomed and it feels like spring is finally here. Here’s a look at four moments from episodes 9 and 10 that melted our hearts.

Warning: spoilers for the episodes below. 

1. When Eun Seob confirms his feelings

Mok Hae Won is feeling a bit insecure that Eun Seob doesn’t feel the same way about her as she does about him. She feels that he’s keeping his distance so she tries to play it cool, but Eun Seob sees that she’s upset. Without letting her walk away, Eun Seob asks her to come back and tells her that the kiss wasn’t a mistake.

This has got to be my favorite scene in the series thus far. The music, the camera angle, the script, and the two actors made this scene absolutely perfect. You can see the sincerity in Eun Seob when he looks into Hae Won’s eyes. The way the sunlight hits Seo Kang Joon’s brown eyes makes it a melt-worthy moment. And if this wasn’t perfect enough, he apologizes for making her feel so insecure. The love!

2. The story of how Eun Seob fell in love at first sight with Hae Won

Eun Seob recalls when he first fell in love with Hae Won. It goes back to when they were in high school and Hae Won was standing by the train tracks. Eun Seob was watching from inside the station and he fell in love with her.

So we finally find out how and when exactly Eun Seob fell in love with Hae Won and it’s just as sweet as I thought it would be. Eun Seob is the epitome of sweet and kind-hearted, so when you find a love, find a love like Eun Seob.

3. Seeing the love unfold between the OTP

Now that Mok Hae Won and Eun Seob have revealed their true feelings, they are able to show affection and express their feelings very openly.

There are so many small moments in this past week’s episodes that will make you smile. Seeing these two come together after both of them having gone through so much hurt in the past really makes your heart melt.

4. When Hwi gets upset at Eun Seob

When Eun Seob leaves with his uncle, it is unknown whether or not he will return. Hwi (Kim Hwan Hee) is convinced that her older brother is never going to return, so when she sees him the following night with a gift for her in his hand, she can’t help but feel overwhelmed.

“I liked you since the beginning. What do you want me to do?”

It’s sweet seeing this side of Hwi as she always seems to be bickering and trying to get money from her older brother. She genuinely loves him, and this was a good reminder for Eun Seob on who his real family is. It’s touching to see Hwi get so upset that he left and you can tell Eun Seob was feeling the love from her in this scene.

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