Kim Dong Wook And Moon Ga Young Are Closer Than Ever Before In “Find Me In Your Memory”

MBC’s “Find Me in Your Memory” has shared a glimpse of Kim Dong Wook getting adorably flustered by Moon Ga Young’s move!

The romance drama is about the love story between two people with similar emotional scars whose memories work in opposite ways. Kim Dong Wook stars as Lee Jung Hoon, a news anchor with hyperthymesia (a condition that gives people the ability to remember an abnormally vast amount of their life experiences in vivid detail). Meanwhile, Moon Ga Young plays rising star Yeo Ha Jin, a famous actress who has forgotten some of the most important moments in her life as a psychological defense mechanism.


In the latest stills, Lee Jung Hoon and Yeo Ha Jin are sitting next to each other on the stairs of the alleyway. Yeo Ha Jin stares at him with a determined gaze, and Lee Jung Hoon looks confused by her unreadable expression. In particular, Yeo Ha Jin’s slightly dazy eyes and flushed cheeks suggest that she’s drunk.

Then Yeo Ha Jin surprises Lee Jung Hoon with a sudden kiss. He is frozen by her abrupt action, but eventually, his eyes close to not ruin the moment.

Before shooting this kiss scene, Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young focused on their emotions to get the atmosphere right by carefully checking the details like the position of their fingertips, gazes, and movements. Once filming started, Kim Dong Wook amazed the crew with his meticulous acting as he portrayed shock and gentleness using his eyes. On the other hand, Moon Ga Young made the crew smile with her lovely drunken acting.

The production crew commented, “Today (April 2), Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young’s sweet first kiss will make viewers’ hearts race. Meanwhile, the gap between the emotions of Kim Dong Wook, who knows all about Moon Ga Young’s pain, and Moon Ga Young, whose feelings are growing for Kim Dong Wook without knowing the truth, will make hearts ache. Please look forward to it.”

“Find Me in Your Memory” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode below!

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