Yoo Seung Ho And Lee Se Young Face The Unpredictable As They Encounter Jo Han Chul Again In “Memorist”

Jo Han Chul won’t stop provoking Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young in the upcoming episode of “Memorist.”

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Memorist” tells the story of Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho), a detective with supernatural powers, and Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young), an elite criminal profiler, who team up to track down a serial killer.

On April 2, “Memorist” revealed new stills of Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Se Young, and Jo Han Chul ahead of tonight’s episode.


Previously, Jin Jae Kyu (Jo Han Chul) was arrested as a suspect for the serial killing. He provoked Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi with a bizarre prophecy that three people around them are going to die. Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi engaged in a tight psychological battle for the truth. At the end, a mysterious gunman froze Dong Baek’s partners Oh Se Hoon (Yoon Ji On) and Koo Kyung Tan (Go Chang Suk) and pulled the trigger on one of them.

In the new stills, a tense standoff between Dong Baek, Han Sun Mi, and Jin Jae Kyu creates an alarming atmosphere. Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi keep a watchful eye on Jin Jae Kyu as he continues to provoke them. In one photo, Dong Baek puts a hand on Jin Jae Kyu then falls to the ground unconscious. Viewers are eager to find out the connection between Dong Baek, the “memory reader,” and the mysterious being who acts as a “memory eraser.”

The production crew shared, “The huge truth behind the serial murders will be revealed. A mystery beyond your imagination will unfold. As they face Jin Jae Kyu’s strange prophecy, Dong Baek and Han Sun Mi will combine their superpower and profiling skills to figure out his secret through thrilling detective work, creating an exciting story for viewers. Don’t miss the shocking twist.”

“Memorist” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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