BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young Writes Letter Following Woo Ji Yoon’s Departure

Following the announcement of Woo Ji Yoon’s departure from the duo BOL4 on April 2, remaining member Ahn Ji Young shared a handwritten letter with fans.

Her letter is below:

Hello. This is Ji Young.

First off, I want to say that I’m so sorry that the news was shared so suddenly like this. Many people have loved the two of us as BOL4, and so my heart is heavy and I feel sorry to think that our fans who’ve supported us for a long time must be upset.

I think Ji Yoon had been worrying about this for longer than I thought before she made this decision. I was taken aback and very upset too when she first told me, but on the other hand I also thought about how much she must have worried about this and had a hard time while coming to this decision, considering that she’s such a thoughtful person. We talked deeply about it for quite a while, and I realized after hearing what she had to say that she was firm in her intentions, and so I decided to respect those feelings she had.

In the past almost 10 years I’ve known her, there’s never been a time when Woo Ji Yoon did not do her absolute best in BOL4. That’s because she’s an all-rounder entertainer who can achieve anything. I think now it’s my turn to support her as a friend. Although we won’t be able to show you us performing together in the future, I want us to support each other from our own spots and share news with our fans from time to time.

Also, I’m now going to try to continue ‘BOL4’ on my own. It’s true that there are things I’m scared and worried about. However, I think that now, more than ever, is when I need to take more responsibility and do my share, since I promised that I’d keep giving you good songs for a long time with every album and every concert.

I think I put a lot of emotions into the new album. Please look to see what emotions I felt or what stories I included. Just like I’ve always said, I want to repay our fans by continuing BOL4’s ‘youth’ sentiment [a reference to BOL4’s Korean name ‘Blushing Youth’], which is so precious to me, in the most honest and genuine way.

To our [fan club] loBoly who have played the biggest role in lighting up the past four years that Ji Yoon and I worked together. Thank you for loving us without holding back and also for supporting us. I’m also going to cheer on Ji Yoon’s new start while showing you a better image as BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young.

Thank you.

From, BOL4’s Ahn Ji Young.

Woo Ji Yoon also shared a letter to fans after the news of her departure.

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