Suho Talks About EXO’s Trust In Him As A Leader, Inspiration For His Solo Album, And Secret Behind His Instagram Photos

EXO’s Suho shared stories about his members, solo album, family, and friends.

On the April 1 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the idol appeared as a guest to promote his first solo album “Self-Portrait.”

“It’s my first time appearing on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ alone,” he began. “I think it’s my first appearance in a year, and I came with my solo album.”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung brought up that EXO is now in their ninth year, and Suho replied, “All of the members appeared on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ when we were promoting our first album ‘Growl.’ It feels like it was yesterday. Nine years flew by. I kept running without any rest and plan to continue doing so.”

Describing his outfit, Suho said, “I wear my own clothes these days. I wore a white shirt and layered an ivory knitted vest on top.” The DJ praised his neat style and stylish “boyfriend” look.

Suho added, “I came here with Kai last time during our promotions. We have so many members that two is a small number. I felt less pressure then because we could share the questions, but now, I have to continue talking by myself since it’ll be seen as an on-air incident if I don’t speak. I feel a little bit of pressure.”

Choi Hwa Jung then stated, “You released your first solo album after nine years. I think it could be seen as a bit late.” Suho responded, “I started having meetings about my solo album last April. I went to Paris and wanted to release a solo album after seeing Van Gogh’s self-portrait.”

He added, “I didn’t think about my solo album in detail before seeing Van Gogh’s painting. After seeing his self-portrait, I was inspired and began thinking more concretely about it. I participated in writing all of the songs and lyrics for the tracks in this album.”

The DJ was curious as to which EXO member was the first to congratulate Suho on his solo release. “EXO has a group chatroom,” he said. “I don’t remember since we all send messages but I think Sehun was the first one. The members serving in the military did not send messages.”

Suho is well-known for his work ethic, which he attributes to his parents. “My father is a very passionate person,” he said. “On the other hand, my mother is very gentle. My parents were always gentle with me, but they were very tough on my older brother. So my older brother was very tough with me and I rebelled against my older brother and not against my parents. I ran away from home in middle school to rebel against my older brother. But the strange thing was, I told my parents that I was going to my friend’s house while I made it look like I ran away to my older brother. My older brother was shocked and worried about me. He’s kind.”

Although Suho is a younger child in his family, he’s the oldest member and leader in EXO. He said, “When I share my opinion, the members trust me and say, ‘Let’s do it since Suho said it.’ It’s not always that way, but I gain strength because they trust me. And I feel responsibility as a leader.”

When a listener praised Suho for his Instagram photos, he revealed, “I actually take 100 photos for each photo that gets posted. But I continuously take photos and don’t pay attention. That’s how I capture a natural shot.”

The singer also spoke about his friendship with actors Kim Jung Hyun, Byun Yo Han, and Park Jung Min. He said, “A while ago, Kim Jung Hyun said that he wanted to go on a trip with Byun Yo Han, Park Jung Min, and me. I think it’ll be fun to go with same-aged friends.”

Concluding the broadcast with a statement he told their fans EXO-L at a concert, Suho said, “If there is a forever, it’ll be EXO and EXO-L.”

Check out the MV for Suho’s title track “Let’s Love” here!

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