Ong Seong Wu Describes Dream Acting Roles, Talks About His Modeling Days, And More

Ong Seong Wu sat down for an interview on April 2 on the radio show “Lee Joon’s Young Street”!

When DJ Lee Joon and Ong Seong Wu talked about their part-time job experience when they were in school, Lee Joon asked Ong Seong Wu how much part-time work he did.

Ong Seong Wu said, “I didn’t do it for long, and rather than doing the usual part-time jobs, I wanted to try different things like being a hair model or one for shopping malls, so I started doing that.”

Lee Joon replied, “I was a wig model once. The hourly pay was crazy. It was a pretty decent rate.”

Ong Seong Wu continued, “I started doing it in high school. I got model jobs through my acquaintances and I also wanted to have some nice photos taken. I wanted to take some photos that I could look at later and be pleased about. When I look at them now, there are a lot of really embarrassing things, but then I also think ‘That’s how I was then.'”

He chose being a hair model as his most memorable part-time job. He said, “I was a model for a salon, but that’s not paid work. After I did the filming, they’d cut my hair or style it for free, outside of the modeling job.” He explained, “When I had an audition or something important, I’d go to that salon and have it done then.”

A listener also asked Ong Seong Wu what acting role he’d like to play. He replied, “Rather than a rich person, I’d like to play a poor person.” He explained, “I think it’s possible to express more emotions when you’re playing a poor person.”

When given the choice between playing a good person or a villain, Ong Seong Wu chose a villain. “I want to do it even more because it’s difficult to act those roles,” he said. Lee Joon replied, “You have a gentle look in your eyes so I think if you played a villain, it would feel even more scary.”

Ong Seong Wu also talked about his love of photography. “I like taking photos,” he said. “When I was filming ‘Traveler 2,’ I took a lot of photos.” Ong Seong Wu recently traveled to Argentina with Kang Ha Neul and Ahn Jae Hong for the reality show “Traveler 2.”

He went on to explain his trick for taking good photos of food. “The balance is important,” he said. “I capture the main dish and the side dish in the same photo. It’s also important to have all the food show up in the photo, with nothing left out.”

Ong Seong Wu made a comeback with “GRAVITY” on March 25.

Watch Ong Seong Wu in the drama “Moments of 18” below!

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