“A-TEEN” Director Explains Why She Cast Kim Woo Seok And Han Sung Min For New Web Drama

The director of the web drama “Twenty-Twenty” has shared high praise for cast members UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok and Han Sung Min!

Han Su Ji is the director behind the popular “A-TEEN” series, and her next project is the web drama “Twenty-Twenty.” It tells the stories of 20-year-olds who work to find their dreams as they experience freedom and responsibility for the first time.

Kim Woo Seok is making his acting debut in the drama as Lee Hyun Jin, a 20-year-old musician who just started living on his own and tends to prefer being alone. He meets Chae Da Hee (played by Han Sung Min), another 20-year-old who’s only ever lived according to her mother’s rules, and he ends up having a big influence on her life.

Recently, Director Han Su Ji sat down with JoyNews24 for an interview, during which she talked about why she cast Kim Woo Seok and Han Sung Min.

She said, “I worried a lot about the casting of Hyun Jin. During that process, I met Kim Woo Seok in an audition and he was very charming.” She added, “You’ll understand when you see the drama, but he’s even better at expressing emotion than I’d expected.”

“I was very surprised by his ability to understand the script,” she said. “He understood his character so well that it was as though he’d heard the discussions we’d had among the production team, and on top of that he was also excellent at interpreting the script. I decided that he would be able to immerse himself well into the character of Hyun Jin. Another factor that made me certain about his casting was that Kim Woo Seok is a singer in real life and writes songs as a hobby, since Hyun Jin in the drama is a producer.”

Han Su Ji shared how pleased she was with his acting. She said, “He’s great at knowing where to look and at narrating. He’s able to express a lot of things with his eyes.”

Han Sung Min’s character Chae Da Hee is a cool and aloof person who keeps her distance from others. Han Sung Min has recently appeared in JTBC’s “Moments of 18” as well as the film “The Best Life.”

Han Su Ji stated, “I was very impressed when I saw Han Sung Min’s previous works. I was a fan of hers, and I wanted to definitely work with her on a project at some point.”

“She seemed just like Da Hee as soon as we did the script reading,” said the director. “Behind her youthful and cute appearance, she had a rebellious side. I think she’ll do a good job at expressing the rebellious spirit of this suppressed character.”

“Twenty-Twenty” also stars Park Sang Nam, Chae Won Bin, A.C.E’s Chan, Jin Ho Eun, Bae Hae Sun, and more. It will begin filming in April and premiere in July through Playlist Studio.

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