Kim Seo Hyung’s Agency Warns Against Political Parties Using Her Image Without Permission

April 4, Kim Seo Hyung’s agency Madi Pictures released a statement regarding unauthorized use of her image by a political party.

The agency warned that they would be taking action should any issues arise and stressed that the actress is not promoting any political party.

Here is the full statement.

Hello, this is actress Kim Seo Hyung’s agency Madi Pictures.

Ahead of the 21st legislative election in South Korea, we’ve confirmed that [Kim Seo Hyung’s] image was used for an ad for a political party.

Without our permission, an actor’s image may not be used for political purposes, and this is a warning that should any issues arise from the unauthorized use of the image, we will be holding the responsible party accountable.

Moreover, we would like to make clear that Kim Seo Hyung is not promoting any political party.

Kim Seo Hyung is currently starring in the SBS drama “Nobody Knows.” Watch the latest episode below:

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