Watch: WINNER’s Song Mino, Block B’s P.O, + 2AM’s Jo Kwon Impress With Hilarious Celebrity Impersonations

WINNER’s Song Mino, Block B’s P.O, and 2AM’s Jo Kwon cracked everyone up with their impersonation skills on the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything”!

Song Mino, P.O, Jo Kwon, and 2PM’s Wooyoung all appeared as guests on the April 4 episode of the JTBC variety show, where they showed off both their musical talents and their comedy chops.

At one point in the show, P.O surprised the cast with his uncanny impersonation of Jo Kwon’s voice, which even earned the praise of the 2AM member himself. After giving P.O a hug, Jo Kwon said, “People have told me that if you listen to [his impersonation] with your eyes closed, it sounds really similar.”

The cast members then tested out the idea by closing their eyes and having both P.O and Jo Kwon say the exact same phrase. Unable to determine who was the real Jo Kwon, they marveled at how similar P.O’s voice sounded.

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul then put Song Mino on the spot by declaring that he was the true master of impersonations. After delighting the cast with his crowd-pleasing impressions of actors Choi Min Sik and Lee Jung Jae, he began accepting out-of-the-blue requests from the cast members, who asked him to copy Lee Hyori, Lady Gaga, and Jung Woo Sung.

Song Mino went on to reveal that he had prepared a new impression, but warned, “I prepared it very hastily, but it’s Kim Woo Bin in ‘Heirs.'” Displaying remarkable control over his eyebrows, the rapper made the cast burst out laughing once again with his hilarious imitation of Kim Woo Bin as he recited a famous line from the drama.

Finally, Jo Kwon stepped up to the plate with an entertaining impression of his own. Reenacting a scene from the iconic drama “Stairway to Heaven,” Jo Kwon channeled his inner Choi Ji Woo to imitate her emotional acting—right down to the trembling of her lower lip.

Check out the clip of the three stars’ impersonations below!

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