Watch: EXO’s Chanyeol Gives Suho A “Romantic” Scare To Show Support For Solo Debut

EXO’s Chanyeol hilariously startled Suho with a “romantic” surprise!

On April 5, Chanyeol took to Instagram to reveal that he had made an adorable show of support for Suho’s solo debut. The idol posted a video of himself surprising Suho behind the scenes, writing in the caption, “Romantic.”

In the video, an unwitting Suho is chatting with a staff member in his “Inkigayo” waiting room when Chanyeol suddenly bursts out of a nearby locker with a bouquet of flowers. After initially letting out a cry of surprise and backing away from the locker, Suho bursts out laughing as he happily greets Chanyeol with a warm hug.

Looking at the locker that served as Chanyeol’s hiding place—and that is noticeably smaller than him—Suho then asks the question on everyone’s minds: “How did you fit inside there?”

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Shortly after Chanyeol posted the video on Instagram, Suho responded in the comments, “I love you.”

Watch Suho perform on the latest episode of “Inkigayo” below!

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