Watch: Choi Kang Hee, Kim Ji Young, And Yoo In Young Show Off Hilariously Unique Problem Solving Skills In “Good Casting” Teaser

SBS’s upcoming action comedy drama “Good Casting” has unveiled a new teaser!

“Good Casting” tells the story of three beautiful secret agents who go undercover to investigate the truth behind a corrupt corporation. These regular ladies are more suited to use shopping carts as weapons instead of guns and aim to save their families, their citizens, and their country, while simultaneously being comedic gold.

The teaser begins with Baek Chan Mi (played by Choi Kang Hee) and Hwang Mi Soon (played by Kim Ji Young) entering a storage unit, where a deal is scheduled to take place. They slowly enter with their guns aimed, as one comments, “I’m letting you know beforehand. If Michael is in here, I’ll be in charge of him.” However, this mission is hilariously cut short when they have to hide after Kim Ji Young’s phone starts to ring from an incoming call from her daughter.

The two do show off their skills later on, as Baek Chan Mi is seen in a physical fight in the rain. The voiceover states, “Isn’t Baek Chan Mi such a legendary agent?” Later, she’s spotted in prison where she shares, “I am crazy but the one who wants to get beat up is you,” as she covers one inmate’s face with a trash can and skillfully avoids the fist of another.

Baek Chan Mi and Hwang Mi Soon are later joined by Im Ye Eun (played by Yoo In Young), as their team leader Dong Kwan Soo (played by Lee Jong Hyuk) reveals, “I cannot manage Baek Chan Mi.” The trio continue to show off their hilarious problem solving skills, chasing trucks wearing heels and chasing others with broomsticks, while the caption reads, “Although I’m lacking, I will try my best!”

Dong Kwan Soo explains, “Even if just one person messes up, we all fall and die.” The clip introduces Yoon Seok Ho (played by Lee Sang Yeob) and Kang Woo Won (played by U-KISS’s Jun). Baek Chan Mi yells, “As long as we catch Michael, we’ll be able to finish this cleanly. You’re all dead today!”

The teaser hilariously finishes with Kim Ji Young yelling at a security guard saying, “I have kids your age!” However, she immediately loses her confidence when he remarks, “Do you want to get fired?”

Watch the full teaser below!

The producers of “Good Casting” shared, “We’ve taken the unique set up of three reunited secret agents and portrayed it in a short but impactful way. Please pay attention to discover why and how they’ve returned to these rough lifestyles and to see what they are able to achieve.”

“Good Casting” premieres on April 27, following the conclusion of “Nobody Knows.

Catch the latest episode of “Nobody Knows” below!

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