Kim Jung Hyun In Talks Along With Shin Hye Sun For New tvN Historical Fusion Drama

Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun may be meeting in a new drama!

On April 8, an industry representative reported, “Kim Jung Hyun will be starring as a lead for the tvN drama ‘Queen Cheorin’ (literal title).”

In response to the report, the actor’s agency O& Entertainment commented, “Kim Jung Hyun received an offer for a leading role in ‘Queen Cheorin’ and is reviewing it.”

With Joseon Dynasty as the background, “Queen Cheorin” will be a bright and comedic fusion sageuk (Korean historical drama). The drama will be written by scriptwriter Park Gye Ok who wrote “Doctor Prisoner” and “Inspiring Generation,” and it will be helmed by PD (producing director) Yoon Sung Shik who directed “Hwarang” and “Tower of Babel.”

“Queen Cheorin” will be about a man living in modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will tell the story from a refreshing perspective while showcasing a new type of genre as it takes on the fight against gender stereotypes.

It was previously revealed that Shin Hye Sun is in talks to play Kim So Yong, the queen who has a man’s soul trapped in her body. Kim Jung Hyun has received the offer to play Cheol Jong, a king described as the “Jekyll and Hyde” of the Joseon Dynasty. He can appear to be a naive and easily manipulated person on the outside, but he also bears psychopathic qualities.

“Queen Cheorin” will air in the second half of the year via tvN.

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