Lee Jin Hyuk And Kim Seul Gi Share An Unexpected Date In “Find Me In Your Memory”

MBC’s “Find Me in Your Memory” has released new stills of UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Seul Gi!

The romance drama is about the love story between two people with similar emotional scars whose memories work in opposite ways. Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) is a news anchor with hyperthymesia (a condition that gives people the ability to remember an abnormally vast amount of their life experiences in vivid detail), and Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young) is a famous actress who has forgotten some of the most important moments in her life as a psychological defense mechanism.

Kim Seul Gi plays Yeo Ha Kyung who is Yeo Ha Jin’s younger sister and manager, and Lee Jin Hyuk plays Jo Il Kwon who is Lee Jung Hoon’s direct junior. Viewers have been cheering the couple on for their heart-fluttering chemistry created by Yeo Ha Kyung’s calm personality and Jo Il Kwon’s overflowing enthusiasm and shamelessness.

In the newly released stills, Yeo Ha Kyung is placing a cup of ice next to Jo Il Kwon’s face. Jo Il Kwon flinches back, looking surprised by Yeo Ha Kyung’s actions. In another photo, Jo Il Kwon is pouting as he uses the ice to massage his face.

Furthermore, the two are also shown enjoying a date with their table filled with food from the convenience store. Yeo Ha Kyung is feeding Jo Il Kwon instant noodles and a sausage with an indifferent expression that starkly contrasts her thoughtful actions. Viewers are curious to find out how the two came to enjoy a date at the convenience store.

The production team shared, “In addition to the romance between the ‘memory couple’ Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young, the romance between the ‘maknae (youngest) couple’ Kim Seul Gi and Lee Jin Hyuk will also add a different vigor to the drama. Kim Seul Gi and Lee Jin Hyuk’s love-hate chemistry will make viewers laugh, so please look forward to their romance.”

“Find Me in Your Memory” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. KST.

Catch the latest episode on Viki below!

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