Woojin Talks About Fan Meeting Plans, Setting Out On His Own After Departure From Stray Kids, And More

Woojin spoke to SpoTVNews about his future plans and more!

Woojin recently excited fans when he posted an image on Instagram that features the text “New Area” and “Live & Fan Meeting.” In an interview with SpoTVNews on April 8, he shared some insights into his fan meeting plans and talked about what he’s been up to.


“I’ve spent a lot of time lately organizing my thoughts and resting,” he said. “I went on a few trips with friends too, and I’ve been exercising as well and working hard on self-improvement. I’ve really missed being on stage. I’m planning on holding a fan meeting in the first half of the year to meet with my fans.”

Woojin debuted with Stray Kids in 2018 and left the group and JYP Entertainment last October due to personal circumstances, and he’s now set out on his own. He’s been practicing on his own and recently began preparing on a small scale for his first solo fan meeting while working with the concert organizer Kevin&Philip’s. Part of the profits from the fan meeting will be donated.

Woojin shared, “Since I have to take responsibility for everything on my own now, I think I’ve become more careful and cautious. I’ve gained a greater sense of responsibility. It would be a lie to say I’m not anxious at all [after leaving the group] but I haven’t felt greatly anxious or worn out because I know there are fans who like me a lot.”

He went on to talk about how support from fans has helped him get through recent times. He said, “When I was organizing my thoughts and living my everyday life, I met with a fan by chance. They said that they’re supporting me and waiting for me. I started my social media account too because I wanted to communicate with the people who say that to me, and also I wanted to give them something in return for those feelings.”

Woojin talked about how much the phrase “I’ll always wait for you” means to him. “It was the words I heard the most but also the words that touched me the most,” he said. “The fact that there are fans waiting for me really gave me a lot of strength.”

Woojin then shared how his fan meeting plans first came about. “I’m preparing for my fan meeting by working in collaboration with some great people that I met through an acquaintance,” he said. “Since I haven’t been able to sing for my fans a lot, I want them to be able to listen to my voice and my music a lot at my fan meeting. I’ve also prepared a self-composed song that includes the things I want to say to my fans, and I’m thinking about letting fans hear it first at my fan meeting.”

He’s planning on staging performances at the fan meeting with a focus on singing more so than dance performances. He shot the poster photo himself and he’s taken part in many aspects of his first fan meeting, such as creating merchandise. It’s reported that he’s also considering filming the fan meeting to release for overseas fans.

SpoTVNews writes that while Woojin is preparing for his fan meeting, he doesn’t have clear plans for promotions yet, and it’s described that he’s being cautious because there are multiple variables, such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s said that more so than plans to release an album, he’s focusing on practicing singing at the moment.

Woojin shared that his priority right now is communicating more with his fans. “I want to be a vocalist that can show a lot of different music,” he continued. “I’m not focusing on just one particular musical direction; I’m trying a variety of things. I’m interested in ballads and rhythmical pop, and I’m practicing. If I get the chance, I’d be interested in acting too. I want to show more sides of myself to my fans and communicate with them more.”

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