4 Shocking Moments From Episodes 11 & 12 Of “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice”

As “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” comes to an end, a lot of loose ends are getting tied up. We’re finally able to find out a lot of the many questions that were brought up at the beginning of the series. One of the beauties of this series is that it gives a lot of questions which keep viewers wanting to watch more. So now, the answers are finally being exposed and it’s definitely leaving us shook. Here are four of the most shocking moments from this past week’s episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for episodes 11 and 12.

1. Hae Won asking Eun Seob to sleep with her

Hae Won and Eun Seob enjoy a nice day together and return to the book store. Upon returning, they become flirty and Eun Seob acts as if he has to clean up around the book store. While doing this, Hae Won randomly tells Eun Seob that she wants to sleep with him.

This part of the story is not exactly a question we had answered from the beginning of the series, but it did come as a bit of a shock. It’s something that was not expected, but it is really cute and subtle in the way Hae Won asks Eun Seob. These two are just so romantically adorable together that it makes this whole scene that much more endearing!

2. Finding out that who really killed Hae Won’s dad

We discover for the first time since the start of this series that Hae Won’s mom is not the one who had killed her father, but that it is in fact, her aunt. Her aunt had been in the driver’s seat when she accidentally runs over Hae Won’s dad with the car. Hae Won’s mom doesn’t want her little sister to get in trouble, so she takes the blame and tells the cops that it was her.

There was no question of who killed her father at the beginning of the story, as the drama made it seem like it was her mom without a doubt. So it came as a complete shock when this secret was revealed.

3. Discovering why Hae Won’s dad was killed

There is a flashback in the recent episodes that shows exactly how and why Hae Won’s dad was killed. We find out that her dad was incredibly abusive towards her mom. On one particular day, Hae Won’s aunt showed up to their house and saw her older sister getting beaten by Hae Won’s dad. While trying to protect her, Hae Won’s aunt almost gets killed by the dad. They run to the car and try to run away, but end up accidentally running Hae Won’s dad over with the car.

It’s so heartbreaking seeing how much pain Hae Won’s mother had to endure as a result of her husband. And finally finding out the reason why Hae Won’s mother had killed him brings closure. Seeing the mom in such a vulnerable light makes you feel bad for her. Throughout the drama, I didn’t feel that bad for her as it seemed like she didn’t really care about having killed her husband and she also seemed to create a bit of a distance with her daughter, Hae Won. But after finding out the truth and the twist in the series, it definitely makes you sympathize with her!

4. Realizing that Eun Seob is the one who saved Hae Won

There is another flashback of Hae Won in high school when she is getting picked on by the other kids at her school. She gets so frustrated and fed up that she decides to take a train into the countryside where she plans to take her own life. When she gets there, she doesn’t know that Eun Seob had followed her and is looking at her from a distance. He sees that Hae Won might hurt herself, so he calls her aunt and gets her to come rescue Hae Won.

This was one question that was brought up pretty early on in the series. Viewers had known that Hae Won tried taking her own life and we knew that someone had rescued her, but we didn’t know who the person was. This revelation of finding out it was Eun Seob is so fitting and it only makes their relationship seem more like fate. He was always there for her!

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