Watch: Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Se Young, And More Have A Blast Creating Chaos Behind The Scenes Of “Memorist”

tvN’s “Memorist” has released a hilarious new behind-the-scenes look!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Memorist” tells the story of Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho), a detective with supernatural powers, and Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young), an elite criminal profiler, who team up to track down a serial killer.

The new making-of video begins with the director being impressed by Yoo Seung Ho’s acting. He also compliments Lee Se Young for her skin, much to her joy. She says, “Dong Baek said it looked dull… There’s no one like you, director.” Later, when Yoo Seung Ho forgets his lines, he smiles cutely to make up for his mistake.

In another scene, Yoo Seung Ho repeatedly tries to throw a piece of paper, but he keeps laughing due to his missed attempts. He also gets excited to film the brawl scene, suggesting that they should start by throwing paper up in the air. Jun Hyosung comments, “He really enjoys the fighting scenes. It’s fine as long as he’s happy.” When the director says to treat Jun Hyosung well because she hasn’t been on set for awhile, Go Chang Suk turns on her song “Starlight.” She quickly wraps up filming and exits while giving one last performance of her song.

While filming, Lee Se Young gets excited by playing with the camera. She moves around and asks, “It’ll be hard for the camera to focus, right?” but she’s quickly disappointed to discover the camera has auto-focus.

In the final behind-the-scenes clip, Yoon Ji On makes a joke using a play on words. Afterwards, he proudly says, “Everyone who laughed is an old man.” He and Yoo Seung Ho also have fun while filming a scene with the prop gun. Yoon Ji On pretends to threaten Yoo Seung Ho, and Yoo Seung Ho plays along by asking, “Aren’t you coming in too close?”

Watch the full making-of video below!

“Memorist” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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