Former FTISLAND Member Song Seung Hyun Announces Enlistment Date

Former FTISLAND member Song Seung Hyun will be enlisting in the military this month.

On April 10, he took to his personal Instagram account to write, “Everyone, I am enlisting on April 27. I will go and come back safely. Because of the COVID-19 issue, I regret that I am not able to bid you farewell from a closer distance. Please be careful of COVID-19. Health is the most important thing. I am going to fulfill my duty to defend the nation.”

His agency, Wooridle Company, also released a statement:

Hello, this is Wooridle Company.

Former FTISLAND member and actor Song Seung Hyun will be enlisting as an active duty soldier and plans to faithfully carry out his military service duties.

In order to respect Song Seung Hyun’s own wish for a quiet enlistment, we decided not to reveal the exact time and location of his enlistment. We ask for everyone’s understanding on this matter.

Song Seung Hyun will return after faithfully carrying out his duty to defend the nation and show you how much he has matured, so please send him your support and love.

Thank you.

In December 2019, Song Seung Hyun announced that he would be parting ways with FTISLAND and FNC Entertainment. Earlier this month, he signed a new contract with H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn’s management agency, Wooridle Company.

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