Watch: Yulhee Documents Her Hospital Life After Having Twin Girls In New Vlog

Yulhee has shared her second vlog on her new YouTube channel, “Yulhee’s House”!

On April 10, she uploaded a new vlog, which begins two days after her surgery to give birth to their twin baby girls. She explains, “I couldn’t film yesterday because I was too out of it from being in so much pain. I also couldn’t film very smoothly because of the many restrictions in place due to the coronavirus.”

She gives a little preview of her hospital room, sharing that only she, her husband Minhwan, and the babies can come in. She explains that she finally feels alive again now that it’s been two days, but that she was either crying or sleeping the day before because of the pain.

Yulhee also explains that she did an examination that day where she learned that she had low levels of hemoglobin. She comments, “There’s something I really want to say to people who are currently pregnant. Please take your iron supplements. If you don’t take them like me, you may even need a blood transfusion,” which she explains was extremely painful.

She gives a more detailed tour of her room, saying she picked the large room so she could welcome many guests but was ultimately unable to invite anyone in.

While she sits in bed and scrolls through family photos, Yulhee explains, “The great thing about this hospital is that they take a polaroid of the baby and father as soon as they are born.” She shows off the photos and then comments on how the twins look like Jaeyul, saying she misses him.

She holds up both newborn photos, displaying the similarities between newborn Ahyoon on the left and newborn Jaeyul on the right.

The video jumps to her seventh and last day in the hospital, where she works on a coloring sticker book. She gets a call to breastfeed, so she makes her way to see her babies, Ahyoon and Arin.

Once back in her room, she finishes the page she was coloring and comments that her hospital life is much more boring than she had thought it would be. She says, “I sleep, eat, move a bit, breastfeed, sleep, eat, then breastfeed again. I miss Jjang [Jaeyul’s nickname]. I’m going to rest now and then go back to sleep.”

Watch Yulhee’s new vlog below!

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