Wonho Thanks Fans In 1st Letter Since Signing With New Label

Wonho has shared a heartfelt letter to fans after the news of his future plans.

On April 10, Wonho posted the following letter on his fan cafe:

I think you must have hurt a lot during that time because of me.
I know that I can’t undo the things that hurt you.
All I can say is that I’m going to try hard so that you’re no longer having a hard time and someday you’ll be full of happiness.
There’s something I want to say once again.
Whenever you’re having a hard time, it’s okay to rest.
Don’t endure it for my sake while you’re in pain.
I’m going to try hard so that I can be somewhere you can rest a bit when you’re having a hard time, exhausted, and want to rest.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a better person.
I’ll keep being grateful in the future.
Thank you for making it possible for me to keep that promise.

Earlier that day, it was announced that Wonho has signed with Starship’s subsidiary Highline Entertainment as a solo artist and producer.

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