3 Points To Look Out For In The Second Half Of “A Piece Of Your Mind”

There are only six more episodes left in “A Piece of Your Mind”!

The tvN drama follows artificial intelligence (AI) programmer Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) and classical recording engineer Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) as they meet and tell a story of unrequited love.

Previously, the production team shared their decision to shorten the drama to 12 episodes to increase the story’s pacing. So here are three key points to keep an eye on in the second half of the drama:

The changes Moon Ha Won will experience as he overcomes his past scars

Moon Ha Won’s life centered around his unrequited love Kim Ji Soo (Park Ju Hyun). However, Han Seo Woo told him it’s time to stop and move on. Since then, Moon Ha Won has struggled to put away his long-term feelings for Kim Ji Soo, but it seemed like he was actually going to change this time as he said, “Ji Soo, to stop [loving you] means to put an end to my long-term regrets.” This raises questions about how Moon Ha Won will mend the scars of his past and start a new life.

The mysteries of Kang In Wook (Kim Sung Kyu) and Kim Min Jung (Lee Jung Eun)

In the second half, the trauma of Kang In Wook and the identity of Kim Min Jung will be revealed. Kang In Wook made a mistake to Moon Ha Won in the past, and ever since then, he has been suffering from it. Kang In Wook flipped when his wife Kim Ji Soo suggested he apologize to Moon Ha Won. Viewers are wondering if the phone number she left belongs to Moon Ha Won.

Attention is also being paid to Kim Min Jung who lives in the boarding house with Han Seo Woo. Kim Min Jung regarded Jeon Eun Joo (Lee Sang Hee) with strange eyes, leading viewers to guess that they have a relationship prior to the boarding house. At the same time, Kim Min Jung aroused curiosity with her mysterious behavior, such as asking for the last room and posting photos on social media every hour.

The blossoming romance between Moon Ha Won and Han Seo Woo, and Moon Soon Ho (Lee Ha Na) and Kang In Wook

Moon Ha Won and Han Seo Woo are about to start their romance. Han Seo Woo confessed her unrequited love for him, and Moon Ha Won said, “I need you. Please stay with me.” Expectations are soaring over their sweet romance that is to come.

Things are also about to change between Moon Soon Ho and Kang In Wook. Moon Soon Ho saw how depressed Kang In Wook was, and with her caring heart, he gradually began to emerge from his slump. Attention is also drawn to what kind of relationship these two characters will form.

The production crew said, “From episode 7, which will air on April 13 (Monday), the process of the characters in the drama, such as Moon Ha Won, Han Seo Woo, Moon Soon Ho, and Kang In Wook, being comforted and healed by each other’s existence, along with the sweet romance, will spread warmth and excitement. Please look forward to the second half of ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ which will make viewers’ hearts pound even more.”

Episode 7 of “A Piece of Your Mind” will air on April 13 at 9 p.m. KST.

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