Watch: IZ*ONE, Weki Meki, And Kim Sejeong Compete Against Each Other On “Immortal Songs”

On April 11, KBS’s “Immortal Songs” broadcast the second part of their Joo Hyun Mi special, this time featuring performers like gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, IZ*ONE, Yu Taepyungyang, Jo Myung Sub, Weki Meki, and Jung Soo Yeon.


The showdown between Kim Sejeong, IZ*ONE, and Weki Meki was particularly interesting to fans as Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung were in I.O.I with Kim Sejeong while IZ*ONE, like I.O.I, was formed through the “Produce” audition program series.

Kim Sejeong was the first to perform with the song “We Meet Again.” She expressed her admiration for Joo Hyun Mi and said, “She’s so elegant. Her voice is elegant, of course, but her whole vibe is also elegant. Currently, Korea is in the middle of a trot wave, and I am humbly participating in that wave. It’s not easy to rearrange her songs into pop songs, but I tried to give it a bright vibe.”

Performing right afterward was IZ*ONE, who covered the song “One-Sided Love.” Kwon Eunbi said, “Joo Hyun Mi is everyone’s first love.” Kim Minjoo said, “This is such a famous song that I knew the chorus even when I was young. While preparing for this performance, I realized that the lyrics actually contain a very cute message.”

In the pre-performance interview, IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung also showed off her aegyo skills.

In the end, Kim Sejeong took the win this round over IZ*ONE.

The third performer was Yu Taepyungyang, who performed Joo Hyun Mi’s “Wait” and received more votes than Kim Sejeong to win his round. The fourth performer was Jo Myung Sub, who sang “Itaewon Love Song” and received more votes than Yu Taepyungyang to win his round.

Weki Meki was the fifth performer, covering the song “The Man in Sinsa-dong.” The group talked about how Joo Hyun Mi was the “idol” of the trot world during their parents’ generation, and how the song “The Man in Sinsa-dong” was a very different vibe from the trot songs they were familiar with today.

Weki Meki was also asked directly how they felt about competing with Kim Sejeong. Choi Yoojung said, “I’m not really concerned about that. It’s more like I’m anticipating seeing her performance. I’ve always monitored her performances on TV and on my phone, but now I get to see her live.”

Kim Doyeon added, “I saw her ‘Immortal Songs’ performance during her ‘Flower Road’ promotions. I listened to that song a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing her performance the most.”

In the pre-performance interview, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung also showed a fierce cover of SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice.”

In the end, Jo Myung Sub took another win over Weki Meki. The final performer, Jung Soo Yeon, tied Jo Myung Sub’s score and the two singers were dual winners on this week’s “Immortal Songs.”

Which performance did you enjoy the most?

Check out an episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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