Apink Shares Their Thoughts On Approaching 10-Year Anniversary, Changing Their Concept, And More

On April 13, Apink made a comeback with their ninth mini album “LOOK” and title track “Dumhdurum!”

In a press release sent out by their agency, Apink talked about their new album, changing their concept last year, and approaching their 10-year anniversary as a group.

About making a comeback for the first time in over a year, Chorong said, “I’m happy to be releasing a new album for the fans who waited such a long time. We have also been anticipating this moment for a while. Without fail, I always get excited when I’m about to release a new album. We’ll work hard in order to give a performance that was worth the wait.”

Hayoung added, “Although we work hard for every album, I think we put a lot more effort into this album than usual. We were ambitious to show an even better side of ourselves, so I hope that people feel it is something new and refreshing.”

When asked to sum up their new album in a word, Hayoung said, “‘Remind.’ I want to remind people that ‘this is Apink.’ I want to hear the words, ‘Of course it’s Apink.'”

Chorong and Jung Eun Ji participated in writing lyrics for some of the b-sides on the album. Jung Eun Ji said, “We included unit songs this time, and you can see the diverse appeal of each team. Chorong wrote the song ‘I Love Your Every Moment,’ which is a letter from the members to the fans who have been with us for nine years. I wrote the lyrics for ‘Everybody Ready?’, which was a fan song released as a digital single for our 8th anniversary last year.”

Apink debuted in 2011 with a “pure and innocent” concept that led to a string of hits like “LUV,” “Mr. Chu,” and “NoNoNo.” In 2019, they underwent their first major concept change with “%%,” which was also a big hit that year. Throughout their nine-year career, many of the members have branched out into solo music and acting careers.

Chorong said, “I always feel like this, but time goes by too quickly. This year is our ninth anniversary and we’ve been together for ten years now, but our ambition and hunger toward our music is the same as when we made our debut. Just as we built up a precious discography, we built up many precious memories with each other and with our fans, so I’m happy. ”

Namjoo said, “It doesn’t feel real. We still have a lot of things we want to show people, so please look forward to seeing new things from us.”

Jung Eun Ji said, “We had been thinking for a long time about making a concept change. As time went on, we matured, and our music changed along with us. We wanted to naturally portray the atmosphere and vibe that was right for us at the time. I’m grateful that people liked it. We want to keep maturing by bringing out the sound that suits us best.”

Asked to describe Apink in one phrase, Hayoung said, “Real sisters,” Namjoo said, “My journal,” and Son Naeun said, “Like family.” Jung Eun Ji said, “Roots,” Bomi said, “My youth,” and Chorong said, “My everything.”

Finally, Bomi shared the group’s 2020 goals. “I think that we will have a lot of active individual promotions,” she said. “We will also work on preparing Apink’s next album more quickly. I want it to be a year in which we make more good memories with fans.”

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