4 Memorable Lines By Jung Hae In And Chae Soo Bin In “A Piece Of Your Mind” That Make Hearts Race

Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin’s characters are giving viewers new memorable lines each week in “A Piece of Your Mind.”

Playing Ha Won and Seo Woo respectively, both characters are refreshingly honest in expressing themselves. Here are four impressively bold lines that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. “I like it. I really like seeing him.”

Seo Woo shared this line in episode four when she courageously decided to confess her feelings to Ha Won. Although aware that her crush was one-sided, Seo Woo continued to like Ha Won from afar, keeping her feelings unknown to him. After getting caught, the frustrated Seo Woo shared, “I like it. I really like seeing him. The way you miss Ji Soo (Park Joo Hyun) and the way you pour your heart into another person, I like it all.”

2. “I worry about Han Seo Woo who lives here.”

In episode five, Ha Won makes his way to Seo Woo’s house to retrieve his Ji Soo D, the program holding Ji Soo’s personality and emotions. Seo Woo tells him, “Ji Soo is always worrying about you.” He responds, “I worry about Han Seo Woo who lives here. The door is loose. It seems like it would be cold and humid.” Seo Woo tells him she has set up a conversation time with Ji Soo D and that she will call when she wakes at dawn. He tells her, “I’m always awake at that time. Call me.”

3. “I’m very curious as to how Seo Woo’s one percent will grow.”

In episode six, Ha Won expresses excitement for Seo Woo to happily find love. She explains, “My one-sided love has a one percent chance.” Seo Woo explains that the way to put an end to a one-sided love is to completely stop. Ha Won tells her, “You haven’t stopped right? I’m very curious as to how Seo Woo’s one percent will grow,” adorably cheering on her love life.

4. “I need you Seo Woo. Please stay.”

By the end of episode six, Ha Won found his love moving towards Seo Woo, as he began empathizing with her comment that she enjoys seeing him. To Seo Woo, whom he knows has not put an end to her one-sided crush, Ha Won shares, “There’s something I need you to do for me. You just have to come around once in awhile so I can see you. I can’t explain what these feelings are, but I need you Seo Woo. Please stay.”

“Please stay” was the phrase Seo Woo had previously revealed that she wanted to hear, finally hearing it from the man she adores.

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