8 Chill Songs To Feed Your Introverted Soul

Introverts don’t really need to go outside to be entertained. They have everything they want in the comfort of their own home: A captivating book to read in one sitting, an exciting movie or TV show to (binge)watch, and, of course, their good old playlist for every occasion.

This being said, the following songs may be just the thing to keep you company as you embrace your introversion and enjoy the moment. Listen for yourself!

1. Moonbyul – “In My Room”

Moonbyul perfectly describes lonely nights at home: binge-watching K-dramas and having a midnight snack might as well be a universal ritual at this point. Plus, as much as she wants to get back out there and get in touch with the outside world, she decides against it and goes back to her room. Sounds familiar?

2. Dean – “Instagram”

Admit it, how many times have you caught yourself spending hours scrolling on your Instagram feed and browsing for all sorts of content? Dean relates, and as much as it irritates him, he doesn’t want to do other activities. He sings about simply staying indoors and deliberately spending his time on the platform.

3. Zico – “Any Song”

A karaoke session/party for one, anyone? That’s right, Zico is no different from the rest of us. Although his home gets invaded by his friends, he is still living in his own bubble. So embrace your shy attitude, play any random song, dance your heart out, and sing along (especially if you know the lyrics)!

4. TVXQ’s Changmin – “Me, Myself & I”

“Better to be alone than in bad company” pretty much sums up Changmin’s ballad. He sings of his break up with his love interest and how he is doing much better on his own, with no regrets whatsoever. Introverts might find themselves in a similar situation when they end relationships, be it friendships or romance: peace of mind comes above all!

5. CL – “One and Only”

Being usually secluded, introverts tend to be strong independent individuals and look after themselves all the time. Moreover, they know that these traits make up their worth and that their entourage is well aware of it. CL, as badass as she is, happens to be a reserved person and her lit track highlights everything that has been mentioned above. Needless to say, here is your daily motivational boost!

6. Zion.T – “Yanghwa BRDG”

This is a little throwback song if you’ve been living alone for a while now and missing your family. Zion.T beautifully captures his childhood memories and wishes his family well in this sweet melody. While there is a huge difference between being home alone as a kid and as an adult, it goes without saying that we all tend to frequently reminisce about the old days.

7. BTS’s RM – “Forever Rain”

How many solitary individuals find extreme inner peace once it starts raining? In RM’s words, it’s a soothing moment that allows you to get lost in your thoughts and watch your environment suddenly get phased by a few droplets. It gives you a strange but comforting feeling of company and you simply wish the rain never stops.

8. Epik High – “Lullaby for a Cat”

These lyrics penned by Tablo are perhaps the perfect way to conclude this feature. Encapsulating all the bits and pieces that make up the safe space of an introvert, this lullaby definitely deserves its title as the narration sends you on a little nostalgic trip before it finally allows you to fall asleep. Enjoy the unedited version!

Which K-pop song feeds your introverted soul? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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