4 Things We Loved And 2 Things We Hated About Episodes 13 & 14 Of “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice”

This week’s dose of the K-drama “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” is healing to our souls. With all the havoc and craziness going on in the world right now, it’s the very K-drama we need. The relationships between family, friends, crushes, and lovers is so calming and it makes you want to hold the ones you have so close. Here’s a look at four things we loved and two things we hated about episodes 13 and 14.

Warning: Minor spoilers for the episodes ahead.

1. HATED: Bo Young’s presence

Bo Young (Im Se Mi) intentionally makes her way into the mountains, hoping that Eun Seob (Seo Kang Joon) would come and find her. It’s her last attempt at trying to win Eun Seob over and she’s on a mission to take him away from Hae Won (Park Min Young).

What really got my blood boiling was seeing Bo Young trying to make her way into Eun Seob’s life after seeing how happy he was with Hae Won. After all the hardships Bo Young put Hae Won through in high school by revealing her secret, the least she could do is stay away from her, but Bo Young continues to show up, disrupting the peaceful life that Hae Won is trying to live. She’s so frustrating!

2. LOVED: Hae Won finding out that she’s “Irene”

Eun Seob had been writing an online diary about a woman in his life named “Irene,” whom he has loved since high school. His posts are touching and poetic, praising her as being pretty much unattainable. While Eun Seob sleeps one morning, Hae Won stumbles across his posts on his computer and finds out that she has been, in fact, Irene the entire time.

It’s great to see Hae Won finding out that she is Irene. There were so many sweet things that Eun Seob had to say about her, so knowing that he wrote it about her was just so sweet. It made me smile when Hae Won kept quoting parts of his diary and giggling about it. It’s such healing to the soul.

3. LOVED: Seeing how much Yun Taek loved (loves) Myung Yeo

Myung Yeo (Moon Jung Hee) continues to push Yun Taek (Hwang Gun) away. While he’s persistent in his love for her like he has always been, Myung Yeo feels that Yun Taek is too good for her and keeps telling him lies in order to keep her distance from him.

I love this side story. Seeing the love that Yun Taek has for Myung Yeo is so pure and true. No matter how much Myung Yeo has thrown him to the side, he doesn’t give up. He loves her so whole-heartedly and consistently tries to lay down his pride in order to be with her. They have such a history with each other and their love story in itself could be a spin-off series. Seeing Myung Yeo putting up a guard so that she’s not a burden to Yun Taek is heartbreaking. Their love story is so bittersweet!

4. LOVED: The budding romance between Lee Jang Woo and Ji Eun Sil

Eun Sil (Yang Hye Ji) finds out that Jang Woo (Lee Jae Wook) went on a blind date and that there’s a possibility that he could be getting married. Eun Sil feels a bit sad about this and realizes that she may have feelings for Jang Woo.

We get to see some serious flirting going on between the two this week and it’s about time! The episodes so far make you wonder why Jang Woo wasn’t getting any love, and although it’s a bit late, he’s finally getting his time. The two of them make such an adorable couple. Here’s hoping they become a pair for the finale next week. Let’s speed up this love line!

5. HATED: Seeing Hae Won find out the truth

Myeong Yeo writes the truth of how she killed Hae Won’s father and sends it to Eun Seob. Eun Seob then prints it out and decides that Hae Won should know the truth. After Hae Won realizes the reason why her mom and aunt did what they had done, Hae Won is heartbroken and loses all trust in her family.

What makes this part so sad is that it’s so realistically heartbreaking. Hae Won’s mother having to endure such aggressive abuse for so long and it resulting in such tragedy is a lot of baggage to carry throughout one’s life. And seeing Hae Won having to process how much her mother had to go through and the lies that she was told makes her story so relatable for many. It’s one that shows strength and hope in the midst of such darkness.

6. LOVED: Eun Seob comforting Hae Won

After Hae Won discovers the truth about the death of her father, she is left confused and hurt. She gets on a bus and ends up at the last stop. Eun Seob finds her and comforts her with his warmth while she cries on his shoulder.

This ending is perfect for this particular episode. Hae Won had always mentioned that Eun Seob makes her feel warm, which is one of the main reasons why she falls for him. Seeing Eun Seob hold Hae Won in his arms while she cries brought such a sense of peace and I could almost feel the warmth that Hae Won was feeling. The love between these two is so precious and perfect.

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