Watch: Block B Members Share Heartfelt Messages For Group’s 9th Debut Anniversary

Block B took to social media to celebrate their nine years together!

On April 15, the members shared their thoughts on individual social media accounts as well as their group’s YouTube page.

A day before the anniversary, Park Kyung wrote, “It just happens to be Block B’s ninth anniversary tomorrow and I received the joyful and fascinating news that photos from our Paris concert are featured in a sixth-grade social studies textbook. Celebrating in advance!”

In the photos, Block B was shown as an example of the growing international popularity of Korean culture that led to the Korean Wave in the 2000s.

Park Kyung also shared his thoughts on Twitter on the day of the anniversary. Referring to the fandom’s nickname, he wrote, “Our bees are still passionate. Aww, thank you. These are nine years I was able to have thanks to all of you.”

He added, “Did you know? I have two birthdays. One is July 8, the day my parents gave birth to me. And the other one is…you know, right? That day is today.”

Taeil posted a picture of Block B bowing at their concert. He wrote, “My greetings are late. Today is Block B’s ninth debut anniversary! Thank you once again to the fans who have sent us infinite love over the last nine years. The Seven Seasons staff members and the Block B members, who have been a source of support for a long time, also worked really really hard. Let’s continue to make even better memories in the future!”

Jaehyo uploaded an illustration of the group and added, “My everything.”

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P.O posted a photo of the members at a restaurant together. The Instagram account is run by his agency, and a staff member posted on his behalf. Referring to P.O by his real name, they wrote, “Jihoon asked us to upload right when it became midnight, but this is late. It’s already Block B’s ninth anniversary, everyone! P.O says his favorite Block B song is ‘A Few Years Later.’ Please listen to it again for the first time in a while and have a happy day. Good night! Sweet dreams!”

Sharing the same illustration of the group, B-Bomb said, “It’s already our ninth anniversary. Thank you, always!”

B-Bomb also posted a video with audio messages from each member which was uploaded onto the group’s YouTube page.

In the clip, Taeil began, “Hello, this is Block B’s Taeil. Everyone, Block B is already celebrating our ninth debut anniversary. It feels as if the memories from the last nine years are all going through my head. Thanks to all of you, I was able to continuously promote as Block B’s Taeil. Please continue to support us and thank you so much once again. I will complete my remaining military service in good health and will see you on stage soon. Thank you again for our nine-year anniversary and please be careful about your health so you won’t catch a cold. Salute!”

B-Bomb said, “Hello, this is Block B’s B-Bomb. We reached our ninth year anniversary. This year feels a bit different because I’m celebrating our ninth anniversary while working as a conscripted police officer during military service. It feels strange, but I’m carrying out my military service in good health, so you don’t have to worry too much. I’ll get discharged in good health so I hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much for our ninth anniversary and it’s a day for all of you to receive congratulations as well, so I hope we’ll all have a joyful day today. Thank you so much for supporting us for nine years.”

Jaehyo commented, “Hello, this is Block B’s Jaehyo. It feels like I debuted yesterday, but I’m already 31 years old and it’s already our ninth anniversary. Fans who liked us since from the beginning in 2011 and those who were students have now become employees, and I heard that some who were employees have now become mothers. I was fascinated when I heard that and made me think that we’ve promoted for a long time. And a cool thing while promoting even today is that there are continuously new fans. Those things become new motivators while promoting.

He went on to say, “And this is something I’ve worried about since a while ago, but I always feel undeserving of the love that I receive, so I’m always wondering how I can return this undeserving love. It hasn’t been a while since I’ve returned from the military, so I want to show my face a lot to fans who waited a long time for me. In order to do that, I need to do well and work hard so I can appear on many shows. I’m working harder now than I did right after my debut. The Block B members and I all feel thankful for your love and are reminiscing about our days together. I’m working hard today at work as well to see all of you. To the fans who always love and support us so that we could stand in the same place for nine years, I want to sincerely thank you and I’ll work really hard so that I can see you more often. We’ll work harder so that we and I won’t disappoint you. Goodbye!”

U-Kwon stated, “Hello, this is Block B’s U-Kwon. We’ve become nine already. While promoting in our tenth year, there have been many memories and I don’t know when nine years flew by. There are many people having a hard time due to COVID-19, but let’s get through this. I’ll see you soon with good music and a good appearance. I have to go to the military and there will be some time where we can’t see each other, but after that time passes, I’ll make opportunities so that we can see each other more after that. Thank you always and thank you so much for always being with Block B. Bye!”

Park Kyung said, “Hello, this is Park Kyung. Talking through an audio message like this is a bit awkward, but it’s been years since Block B debuted. We debuted on April 15, 2011 and now it’s somehow become April 15, 2020. I feel sorry that we haven’t been able to show you Block B as a full group as of late, but we’re working hard at our individual promotions and I’m feeling comforted by watching fans cheering us on. It’s going to take some time for us to do full group promotions, but please cheer on the members until then. I miss you so much. These days, there aren’t many chances for us to meet due to COVID-19, but please stay healthy and I hope we can see each other soon after the situation improves. It feels really new now that it’s our ninth anniversary. I hope we can be together for our 10th and 11th anniversaries. See you later!”

Zico stated, “Hello BBC. This is Zico. It’s already Block B’s ninth anniversary. It’s something I feel new emotions about every year, but time really flies by. It goes by even faster as I become older. The members have turned 30 and a couple of them are currently serving in the military. I hope there will soon be a day where all of us can get together and show you something fun. There are many people dealing with difficulties in various ways, but I hope that there will be good conditions soon. Please gather strength until that day and keep in mind that health comes first. Let’s live a good life. Please always be happy and thank you for being BBC. Peace.”

P.O said, “Hello, this is Block B’s P.O. You guys, it’s already our ninth anniversary! Time flew by in the blink of an eye and I don’t know how nine years passed by. We still have a lot of time, so I’ll work even harder with the members so that we, Block B and honeybees, can be happy. I think that you guys must really want to see the seven of us together. I feel the same way. Until we meet again, let’s pray for us to be happy and live well. Good luck!”

Happy anniversary to Block B and BBC!

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