Ku Hye Sun Talks About Moving On From Divorce And Potential Return To Acting

On April 18, Ku Hye Sun held a invitational press conference for her gallery exhibition.

Asked about doing a press event for the first time in a while, she said, “While watching ‘Mister Trot’ with my parents, I managed to forget a lot and regain a joyful attitude to life. Instead of being anxious about being surrounded by large numbers of people, I looked forward to it. I didn’t think that many people would come, but I am grateful and surprised that so many of you did.”

She had previously talked about her controversial divorce with Ahn Jae Hyun in an interview on the SBS show “E-news Exclusive.” At the exhibition press conference, she was asked about her current feelings on the divorce. She replied, “I practiced for this question, knowing it would come up, but I was unable to find an answer. Instead of thinking about [the divorce], I decided to focus on thoughts about myself. I thought a lot about how I should talk about that person, but I couldn’t come up with anything, so I’m sorry. I’m working hard to forget everything and think about preparing for my own future instead.”

She added, “I will only be able to see how my feelings have changed when I reflect on myself later. Right now, I’m too busy living for today.”

When asked about the legal proceedings for the divorce, she said, “I’ve felt apologetic for a while about having to sort out these issues with my private life. Even though it was my private life, I appealed to the public on the issue, and I have since reflected that that was not the thing to do. Right now our society is in a difficult situation, so I wonder, ‘Do I have the right to talk about this?'”

She continued, “There are no special issues right now with the divorce suit. It will be resolved sometime. I am currently thinking positively about my own life and my own future. I am doing this on purpose.”

Ku Hye Sun also spoke honestly about her potential return to the entertainment industry. During her divorce controversy, she had stated her intention to retire. She said, “I am always making plans, but I am realizing that life doesn’t always go according to plan. I returned to school despite my older age, and I am working hard at studying. I am thinking about acting in the future. At best, I would like to greet everyone through a production again. I think that promoting at the present moment would be difficult, but I anticipate that it may happen naturally as things gradually resolve.”

Ku Hye Sun’s exhibition “Voyage – Again and Again” is being held at the Jinsan Gallery in Seoul from April 4 to April 30.

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