4 Secrets That Will Be Revealed In The Final 2 Episodes Of

Nobody Knows” will be coming to an end this week!

With only two episodes left, the drama shared four key points that still remain a mystery:


1. The secret within “Testament to New Life”

At the end of the 14th episode, Cha Young Jin (Kim Seo Hyung) and Jang Ki Ho (Kwon Hae Hyo) arrived somewhere by using the numbers they found in the “Testament of New Life.” However, contrary to expectations, there was nothing there. Jang Ki Ho told Cha Young Jin that he could catch Baek Sang Ho (Park Hoon) if he solved the secret contained in the “Testament of New Life.” What is the real secret contained in the “Testament of New Life” that will allow Jang Ki Ho to put an end to Baek Sang Ho once and for all?

2. The secret behind the serial murders

In the 13th episode, Baek Sang Ho was found to be an accomplice in the serial murders. However, it was not clear why the serial murders, which was thought to be over, took place after 19 years and why Im Hee Jung (Baek Hyun Joo) had to die as a victim. In addition, it’s a mystery why Seo Sang Won (Kang Shin Il), a leading suspect, called Cha Young Jin to the murder scene and why he jumped off the building in front of her. This is the key that must be solved for all the facts to be clearly revealed.

3. The fate of Go Eun Ho (Ahn Ji Ho)

Go Eun Ho jumped off a rooftop on his own with a huge secret, and he finally woke up. Go Eun Ho remembered the shocking fact that Baek Sang Ho was a murderer. So until all the cases are resolved, Go Eun Ho decided to hide the fact that he recovered his memory. However, Baek Sang Ho’s men are slowly pressuring him. What will happen to Go Eun Ho, and will Cha Young Jin and Lee Sun Woo (Ryu Deok Hwan) be able to save him?

4. What will be the end of the ill fate between Cha Young Jin and Baek Sang Ho?

The one who killed Cha Young Jin’s friend Choi Soo Jung (Kim Shi Eun) and called Cha Young Jin was Baek Sang Ho. It was also Baek Sang Ho who forced Go Eun Ho to jump from a building. Now Cha Young Jin will have to face Baek Sang Ho in order to solve Choi Soo Jung’s death, protect Go Eun Ho, and live a new life. Will their ill fate of 19 years finally come to an end?

“Nobody Knows” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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