Kim So Hye Talks About Her Daily Life, Working With Kim Hee Ae, And Keeping Up With I.O.I Members

On April 20, Kim So Hye held a V Live broadcast to make dalgona coffee (whipped coffee) while talking with her fans.

She said, “I turned on V Live for the first time in a while. I will be making dalgona coffee today. I am a bit behind the trend. I’m too late for the trend, but I follow it anyway.”

When asked if she had seen Jeon Somi’s new reality show, she said, “I watched her reality show recently. I saw the episode with the I.O.I members.” In response to a question about whether she asked Choi Yoojung for tips about how to make dalgona coffee, she answered, “I didn’t ask specifically for tips.”

Kim So Hye continued, “The reason I don’t do YouTube is because I don’t have anything to show you. I want to upload videos if the opportunity arises. Right now, I exercise, read books, and study English. I’m also working on something else, but it’s a secret. I will show you sometime. For exercise, I bought a stretching band. I use that to exercise. I also play mobile games and my level increased a lot.”

She also shared that she has gotten into Lego lately. “I received some Lego as a present,” she said. “Among American dramas, my favorite is ‘Friends.’ The Lego set is of the ‘Friends’ cast at the café. I also received a Lego set for the Manchester United stadium. I want to do that one later.” She hinted that she might do another V Live while building Lego in the future.

Kim So Hye co-starred in the film “Moonlit Winter” with Kim Hee Ae, who is currently appearing in the highly-rated drama “The World of the Married.” Kim So Hye said, “I honestly can’t believe that I acted alongside Kim Hee Ae. The behind-the-scenes footage from ‘Moonlit Winter’ was aired through Netflix. I hope that you can watch it if possible.”

Kim So Hye also referenced Kim Sejeong’s new solo album, “Plant.” She said, “She put out a really good song. Please show a lot of love for Sejeong’s song. Chungha is having a comeback soon, so please look forward to that, as well as Doyeon and Yoojung’s web dramas.”

Check out Kim So Hye in the latest episode of “How to Buy a Friend” below!

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