Apink Members Name Their Worst Fashion Offender, Biggest Workout Fanatic, And More

Apink held nothing back when spilling the tea about their fellow members.

On the April 20 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s radio show “Lee Joon’s Youngstreet,” the members got candid about each other and opened up on some of their quirks and habits. When asked about the worst fashion offender of the group, the group picked Yoon Bomi. For their reasoning, they said, “All of the members have different tastes when it comes to style. Yoon Bomi isn’t really a fashion offender, per se, but recently her style is more on the baggy, oversized side.”

In response, Yoon Bomi said, “I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a fashion offender, but I really have no interest in fashion. I’ve been wearing a gyerang hanbok (a modernized, casual version of traditional Korean attire) when I go out for ages. It’s really comfortable. I’ve ordered more. For the next 12 years I’m going to give them to my members as gifts.”

Jung Eun Ji was named the member who was most conscious about their exercise routine, with member Hayoung calling her passion for working out “unrivaled.” Jung Eun Ji replied, “I want to have a body that looks as good as yours.” When DJ Lee Joon suggested that Jung Eun Ji and Hayoung work out together, she said, “I’ve already suggested that a bunch of times, but she said our styles of working out don’t mesh well.”

Hayoung explained her reasoning for turning Jung Eun Ji down, saying, “Jung Eun Ji doesn’t like to do things like squats or lunges. I’m the type who works out like foreign actors do to work on their bodies.”

Jung Eun Ji also dished out who she thought was the loudest member, surprising listeners by naming Son Naeun. “Lately Son Naeun has gotten noisier. We have a sub-unit of Apink, and Son Naeun is a part of the sub-group, so the tension is no joke. There was a program they did where they had to eat, but the others had to rein her in.”

Son Naeun sheepishly admitted, “Yesterday I was super tired, truthfully. But my mood improved after I ate, so I got excited. I don’t know why I was like that. I was super shocked when I got home and watched the video [of the program].”

Apink also celebrated their ninth debut anniversary on April 19. DJ Lee Joon recalled the first time he ever met the group, saying, “Our promotional schedules didn’t overlap, so the first time I met them was on the program ‘100 Points Out of 100.’ Their manager introduced them as a new group and told us to greet them, so we did. Since I was also less than two years since debut I was also a newbie, so [I remember] feeling awkward when I greeted them as such.”

“At the end of filming, Jung Eun Ji gave me an Apink CD, and even to this day it’s the CD with the longest signature on it. It was written like a letter, so I keep it safely in my house.”

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