GOT7 Names When They Feel Romantic, Talks About Advice From Park Jin Young For Comeback, Goals For 2020, And More

GOT7 talked about their goals, when they feel romantic, and more in an interview with Sports DongA!

The group made a comeback on April 20 with the new mini album “DYE,” which features the title track “NOT BY THE MOON.”

The guys were asked in the interview whether JYP founder Park Jin Young had given them advice or praise. JB replied, “Since the choreography is difficult, he said, ‘It seems like you’ll need to focus a lot on the dance,’ and ‘It would be good if you really pulled off the groovy feeling to it.’ He didn’t say anything about the musical analysis or vocals for it, but I think he was trusting me for that part.” He explained with a laugh, “That’s because he always compliments me a lot on my vocals or my analysis of the lyrics.”

Yugyeom said that Park Jin Young says a lot of good things whenever they meet and added, “He says a lot that the most important thing is teamwork.”

The interviewer asked GOT7 to compare these promotions to their last comeback. JB shared that the members are also feeling disappointed that they’re not able to do offline events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re trying to meet as many fans as we can through online methods,” he said. “Everyone’s taking part in social distancing, right? Please try hard for the health of both yourself and everyone else! We’re trying too!”

Jackson said that the group plans to do a fan sign event via video calls, explaining that they’ll be talking to fans one on one. “Since it’s the first time for us too it feels new, and maybe it will feel more special,” he said.

The members were asked when they think to themselves, “It seems like I’m a bit romantic.” Jackson said with a laugh, “For me, it’s every moment.”

Jinyoung replied, “I don’t think of myself as romantic so… I think I’ve never had a time when I felt that way…” He laughed and said, “I think fans should be asked this question.”

Youngjae replied, “Lately I’m giving my dog Coco more love. So my answer is, when I cook for Coco!” BamBam responded, “When I buy food for the members!”

GOT7 also described what they think of as the group’s charm, with the interviewer mentioning how they receive many offers from the worlds of fashion and advertising.

JB said, “There’s a synergy that’s created when the seven of us are together as one. Since all of us have different charming qualities, I think people look positively upon that.”

Jinyoung shared, “I hear people around me say that they just enjoy looking at us. I think the energy we give off when the members are together and having fun is something that is charming.” BamBam said that the group aims to show who they really are and not appear to be other people. “I think people like that we try not to lose who we are,” he said.

The members were asked if they had any updates about their current lives that they want to share with fans.

JB said with a laugh, “Lately I’m watching the popular show ‘Heart Signal‘ and clenching my heart.” Jackson shared, “I started dieting again! Because I want to look good for you.”

Jinyoung said that because of the situation lately he’s been spending a lot of time at home, which has led to him getting lost in thought while looking at the ceiling. “There are moments when those times are comforting for me,” he said. “I think that it would be good if all of you sometimes did that as well, although not too often.”

Youngjae said that he’s been singing and said he really wants to meet fans soon. BamBam shared that he’s been working very, very hard at exercising. Yugyeom added, “I’ve always liked listening to music but lately I’m having a lot of fun writing songs too. That’s how much I’ve come to like listening to music even more.”

GOT7 was then asked to describe what they think when they look back on their years since their debut in 2014.

JB replied that he’s been able to grow through their activities so far and it’s enabled him to think more deeply, which he’s pleased about. “Even if I were given the chance to go back in time and chose another career, I would choose my current path,” he said.

Mark responded, “I’m so grateful to our fans who are always watching over us, loving us, and being by our side. I’m really so thankful that they love us as who we are, whether in the past or now, and they support us.” Jackson said that there are still things he wants to improve about himself. “That’s why I think, ‘I need to work harder so that I can make the people who support us proud,'” he said.

Jinyoung commented, “I think, ‘Wow, I’ve really worked hard.’ Recently we were practicing our debut song to perform it on a variety show, and I went back and watched the choreography video we filmed then. We looked really cool with the freshness and spirit of rookies, and it gave me the opportunity to look back on myself. But since there’s another different me now than there was back then, it makes me want to show as many different sides of myself as I can in the future too.”

Youngjae said, “I personally think sometimes, ‘I should have worked harder’ or ‘I should have tried some more things.’ I think it’s probably because there are some things I’m disappointed about.” BamBam added, “I think, ‘Seven years… time really does go by so fast, we’ve worked so hard and come very far!’ and I have a lot of mixed emotions.”

Yugyeom also said that looking back on the past makes him realize just how fast time goes by. “I’ve been happy to be able to release a lot of different albums over seven years,” he said. “As time goes on, I think we’ve developed something strong between us and our fans too, and I become more and more grateful.”

Lastly, the group talked about their goals for 2020. JB shared that his goal is for everyone to be healthy. Mark said that as idols who’ve promoted for seven years, he hopes that their efforts will make people see them and think, “GOT7 tries just as hard as they did at the start, they’ve got passion.”

Jackson commented his goal is to keep working hard at everything and not forget that every moment is precious. BamBam said, “I want to only show good things to our fans by always taking care of my health, fitness, and body. I hope that you will all be healthy too.”

Jinyoung said, “I earnestly hope for the health of everyone around me, beyond just GOT7 and myself personally. I believe that a warm spring will come after the cold winter, and I hope that soon a day will come when we can share laughter together in our ordinary daily lives as we usually do.”

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