SEVENTEEN Talks About Expanding Into More Creative Areas, What They Do In Their Free Time, And More

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK, and Seungkwan participated in a photo shoot and interview for the the May issue of Cosmopolitan!

SEVENTEEN is known for producing their own music and taking part in creating their own choreography. Now that they are approaching their fifth anniversary as a group, they are hoping to expand into even more creative areas. Seungkwan explained that Wonwoo and Mingyu have been showing interest in video production, while he’s always thinking about how to make SEVENTEEN’s video content more entertaining. Mingyu added, “Instead of doing what we’re told, we plan and discuss things [with the company]. That’s why we have a whole day booked for meetings. All 13 of us talk a lot, so the meetings started taking longer and longer.”

In regard to their many achievements, including their recent No. 1 on Oricon’s weekly albums chart with their second Japanese single “Fallin’ Flower,” they explained that they would never feel unmoved about reaching No. 1. Mingyu explained, “We might feel unmoved if it was something we did alone, but we can’t feel that way because this is something our fans do for us. We work hard too, but we won’t ever feel unmoved because we feel thankful to those who made these achievements possible.”

Asked how they balance each member’s individual interests and their ambitions as a group, Seungkwan shared, “I think I’m able to receive love because I’m a member of SEVENTEEN. There are things I might do well on my own, but there are more things I couldn’t have done if I hadn’t been a part of SEVENTEEN. I think it’s important to cherish the team and work harder at this point.”

Wonwoo, Mingyu, DK, and Seungkwan shared what they’ve been doing at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. DK said, “I’m spending time learning to play musical instruments. Though I have a lot of time for myself, I’m usually with the members, especially Jeonghan.” Mingyu shared, “I had wanted to go traveling if I had time, but since that’s not possible, I’m practicing dance, studying foreign languages, drawing, and studying video production. I’m continuously trying new things. I feel like I’m falling behind if I stay still just because I have free time. It’s amazing that all 13 of us are like that.” Wonwoo added that he’s studying foreign languages and video production like Mingyu, and Seungkwan explained that he tries to pull his energy up by going for a drive.

Lastly, the members expressed their thoughts on what kind of group they want to be remembered as. Mingyu said, “I hope that the group SEVENTEEN remains as a fond memory in the minds of the people who know of us and listen to our songs. I hope that they’ll look back on the day they went to see a SEVENTEEN concert, thinking about how happy they were and how they gained energy through SEVENTEEN’s songs.” Seungkwan added, “I want SEVENTEEN to be a group that makes people wonder what kind of performance or song we’ll bring to them next.”

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