11 Amazing K-Drama OSTs Sung By K-Pop Idols

One of the best things about K-dramas is the OSTs. The role of soundtracks is as crucial as the script lines and actors’ performance, since the music sets the tone for the scene and brings the emotions to life. The bonus part is when these mesmerizing melodies are performed by K-pop idols who have lent their voices to many dramas throughout the years.

Since it’s literally impossible to feature all of the previous K-drama OSTs that have been released so far, here is a sample of some amazing tracks idols have graced us with to date.

1. SHINee – “Stand By Me” (from “Boys Over Flowers”)

This beautiful rendition by SHINee takes us on a journey of coming to terms with one’s feelings. The quintet sings about taking a loved one’s hand and guiding them to chase away the shyness and learn about the concept of love.

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2. Lee Changmin – “Moment” (from “Heirs”)

Changmin pours his emotions into this recent take of “Moment,” alongside fellow member Lee Hyun, that shows love in all its aspects. Many definitions of this powerful feeling are mentioned throughout the lyrics, showing how it both encapsulates and transcends all situations.

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3. EXO’s Chen ft. Punch – “Everytime” (from “Descendants of the Sun”)

Chen pairs up with Punch in this duet as they both mesmerize us with their harmonizing voices. The lyrics reflect the beauty of falling in love and only having eyes for one’s significant other, as well as wishing to keep them safe and close at all times.

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4. EXO’s Chanyeol ft. Punch – “Stay With Me” (from “Goblin”)

Here’s another Punch X EXO member duet that is one of the most popular K-drama OSTs out there. Using his raspy singing voice, Chanyeol sings about crossing paths with one’s soulmate and experiencing a roller coaster of emotions in an attempt to find out whether they’re destined for each other.

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5. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong – “If Only” (from “The Legend of the Blue Sea”)

Kim Sejeong’s sweet voice is perfect in this song about having someone whose existence heavily impacts one’s life. This song might make you think about taking a step forward and starting a relationship that commemorates the moments that were before and those that will come later on.

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6. MAMAMOO – “Double Trouble Couple” (from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”)

The queens of hypnotizing vocals have a thing or two to say about the pre-confession critical phase. From the early stages where two people are slowly getting to know each other to the moment where attraction between them becomes imminent, confusion finds its way momentarily before the heartwarming confession stage finally takes place.

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7. BTS’s Jin and V – “Even If I Die, It’s You” (from “Hwarang”)

Jin and V released their first-ever K-drama OST, and it was definitely worth the hype! With a light and cheerful vibe, the duo sings about how it feels to lose someone and doing whatever it takes to win them back.

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8. Jus2 – “Take” (from “He Is Psychometric”)

JB and Yugyeom participated in their fellow member Jinyoung’s K-drama as OST artists, and it’s fair to say that they delivered! This dreamy tune tackles the hesitation one gets trapped in when they find themselves in the midst of a surge of emotions.

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9. Henry – “It’s You” (from “While You Were Sleeping”)

This mellow soundtrack by Henry is the perfect depiction of a love confession. He carefully describes the steps that lead to developing feelings for someone, from the little details that make one’s heart flutter to the ultimate realization that they’ve found the right person.

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10. Stray Kids – “Neverending Story” (from “Extraordinary You”)

Stray Kids beautifully sings of first encounters and all the little details that usually lead a couple to fall in love. From making promises to cherish and protect to constantly being there for one another, all those sweet memories make up an endless love story.

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11. Chungha – “At The End” (from “Hotel Del Luna”)

With her sweet voice combining well with this soothing melody, Chungha goes into the depths of missing a loved one through this song. Being there for a person at all times is one way to show your love and commitment to the relationship, especially in an effort to make amends for being distant before.

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Which K-drama OST from the list above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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