10 K-Pop Stars Whose Skills Prove They Could've Been Gymnasts In Another Life

There are a lot of incredibly talented K-pop idols out there, but some truly go above and beyond. Their special skills make them amazing dancers and overall awesome performers, and we’re willing to bet that in another life they could’ve been gymnasts too. From unbelievable flips and tricks to some mind-boggling flexibility feats, here are nine K-pop idols that wow us with their athletic abilities.


He may seem unassuming at first, but never underestimate the power of SEVENTEEN’s The8! He should get points for his super suave mannerism alone – the way in which he casually pulls off this incredible feat of tumbling have the hosts of “Ask Us Anything” (and viewers too!) totally stunned. If he can pull this off in a dress shirt and slacks, there’s no doubt he’d be a phenomenal gymnast!

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2. WJSN’s Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao has repeatedly floored viewers with her gorgeous rhythmic gymnastics routines, and it’s not too much of a stretch to say that her skills would make her an amazing gymnast too! Sometimes she seems more liquid than human thanks to her incredible flexibility and natural grace. Her background in traditional Chinese dance definitely sets her on the path to idol/gymnast stardom!

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3. NCT/WayV’s WinWin

Another idol with a background in Chinese dance, WinWin’s skill and grace when dancing definitely makes him a standout in the K-pop world. Plus, his tricks are so fluid that he almost seems to hover in the air before landing lightly on the ground. The ease with which he can pull off a range of incredible acrobatic feats and his remarkable flexibility make him a great candidate for gymnastics.

4. f(x)’s Victoria

f(x)’s leader Victoria has been making jaws drop with her frankly unbelievable flexibility ever since the group’s debut. The control she has when contorting her body into a number of mind-boggling positions speaks to her amazing core strength and technique, which would definitely come in handy in the world of gymnastics. Even a pair of heels doesn’t seem to phase her when it comes to showing off her capabilities!

5. ASTRO’s Rocky

ASTRO’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed performance on “Idol Star Athletics Championships” was memorable for more than one reason, but Rocky’s amazing tumbling routine right at the beginning of the event was definitely a big part of it! The clean round-off-back-handspring combination had everyone shook, and confirmed what AROHAs were probably suspecting all along: Rocky was definitely a gymnast in another life!

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6. Lovelyz’s Yein

Yein’s natural grace and amazing coordination make her an amazing dancer and performer, but those skills also lend themselves to some pretty cool gymnastics abilities as well. Her knack for making difficult tricks look super easy is a big part of what makes her so fun to watch, and her lively energy really shines through on the gymnastics floor. Plus, her flexibility is nothing to shake your head at either!

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7-8. GOT7’s Mark and Jackson

These two were well-known for their crazy tumbling and death-defying choreography back in the early days of GOT7’s career, and Ahgases definitely haven’t forgotten! There seems to be no end to the number of heart-stopping tricks that Mark and Jackson can pull off, and their powerful moves mean that they’re probably gold medal-winning gymnasts in an alternate universe!

9. EVERGLOW’s Yiren

Yiren first made a name for herself on Mnet’s “Produce 48,” thanks to her Chinese dance capabilities that are every bit as flawless as her fairy-like visuals. Her flexibility and control make her a beautiful performer, and we’re willing to bet that those skills would lend themselves to an amazing gymnastics career as well. Now that she’s a member of the fire rookie girl group EVERGLOW, hopefully she’ll get to show off even more of her amazing skills!

10. BTS’s Jimin

Jimin has been flooring people with his dance abilities ever since debut, and his tumbling tricks are no joke either. His classical dance background means that he’s super flexible, and his fluidity and coordination would definitely make him a great gymnast. It’s always amazing to see how BTS manages to incorporate his skills into their performance choreographies, and Jimin pulls it off perfectly!

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