Watch: Oh My Girl Shows They Can Dance To All Genres On

On the April 25 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Oh My Girl appeared as guests.

After the Oh My Girl members had introduced themselves, Kim Heechul revealed that Kim Shin Young had called him before the show. He said, “She called me constantly, telling me to take care of her little sisters Oh My Girl.”

The Oh My Girl members explained that they were close with Celeb Five (a project idol group formed of female comedians, including Kim Shin Young). Previously, Celeb Five had revealed that Oh My Girl were their role models for “dreamlike” concepts and that the Oh My Girl members had given them tips on how to act more “dreamlike.”

Seunghee said, “Your focus point and your hand movements can’t be too sharp. When you turn your head, it has to be at an oblique angle. YooA is the best at this kind of thing.”

YooA added, “You have to act like you’re counting the stars in the sky. As you move forward, you have to stare into the distance. The staff members in front of me look hazy right now. You think to yourself, ‘The light in the distance has hold of me.'”

The Oh My Girl members then demonstrated what they meant by performing their song “Secret Garden.”

Later on the show, Kim Heechul brought up the fact that Mimi and YooA were known for being talented dancers. Seunghee agreed and said, “I have more pride in them than even our agency CEO does.”

When Lee Sang Min observed that many talented dancers have appeared on the show before, Seunghee confidently declared, “We can make you forget them.” Kim Heechul quipped, “Even [TVXQ’s] Yunho?” and “JYP’s Park Jin Young?”, making Seunghee apologize right away.

Mimi then got a chance to show off her skills, dancing to covers of NCT 127’s “Kick It” and BTS’s “ON.” Her sharp choreography and powerful movements showed a 180-degree change from Oh My Girl’s performance of “Secret Garden.”

Next, YooA prepared a hip hop performance to O.T Genasis’s “Traffic,” lighting up the room with her unique moves.

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