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Park Hae Soo shared his thoughts on filming “Time to Hunt.”

This thriller film premiered on Netflix on April 23 after its theater release was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Park Hae Soo spoke about working with Lee Je Hoon, Ahn Jae Hong, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Jung Min. “I’m always learning,” he began. “I learned from their ability to focus, and I don’t think I would’ve improved if I they hadn’t shown me that side of them. The four of them stayed as their characters on set. I couldn’t approach them, but they were so firmly in character even though I saw them from afar on set. Their concentration was incredible. It’s admirable.”

The actor particularly shared his praise for Lee Je Hoon and his performance. “The energy that the character Joon Suk gave off was really fierce,” he said. “Lee Je Hoon was always immersed in the character of Joon Suk and it was the same with Jang Ho (played by Ahn Jae Hong). Their roughness was raw on set. Seeing those things made me learn and feel a lot of things on set. The look in their eyes, their actions, and their attitudes on set made me realize that they are really amazing actors.”

Describing his first time working with director Yoon Sung Hyun, Park Hae Soo said, “He’s a meticulous director with strong energy. He’s meticulous to the point that it’s almost scary, so I was able to learn a lot. But he was always accurate. He wasn’t wrong. So it made me say, ‘He was right again.'”

As for starring in his first dystopian film, he continued, “The director’s worldview, how he expressed the near future with his imagination, how it came to life through the staff, and the air, the lights, and even the trash that was rolling around was all art. I admired the director’s imagination, and the art team and prop team were all amazing. I learned that an actor just needs to go in and exist in that space. It was amazing. I want to applaud them.”

Park Hae Soo has transformed into new roles for all of his projects, and “Time to Hunt” was no different as he portrayed the ultimate villain Han. “I’m still not good enough to  show great transformations or various appearances,” he said. “I try to go into the director’s world in the projects that are thankfully given to me. I’m not an actor who does method acting either, so I try to show the variety of a person by 10 degrees or 20 degrees, and then a different image like this as well.”

He continued, “I’m not able to think about acting transformations or things like that yet. I’m working hard to enter the worldview that was given to me by the director. I think my character is being seen differently because he’s in a different worldview from my own, so I want to thank the director.”

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