5 Memorable C-Drama And TW-Drama Confessions To Celebrate 5/20

Happy May 20th! 5/20 is a romantic holiday that’s celebrated in China. The individual numbers five, two, and zero sound similar to “I love you” in Chinese, hence it’s a day to express one’s love to another. In celebration of this holiday, there’s no better way than to share how our heroes and heroines in dramas confess!

Warning: spoilers for the dramas below

The classic confession from “It Started With A Kiss

“It Started With A Kiss” is an iconic drama that delivers a classic confession of love! Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) finally decides to muster up the courage to confess to her long-time crush Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng). She ends up penning a letter to him, introducing herself and her love for him. This is a confession that brings back nostalgic feelings! While this kind of confession is rather simple, it is still quite a sweet gesture and one that is commonly seen in dramas.

The nerdy confession from “Put Your Head On My Shoulder

What could be the possible result of a genius who finally decides to let his crush know how he feels? Well, for Gu Wei Yi (Lin Yi), it turns out disastrously. After mulling over ways to confess to Situ Mo (Fei Xing), he finally decides on his method of choice. He hands her the folded paper under the romantic and snowy atmosphere. Gu Wei Yi is confident that his confession with the Schrödinger equation is the surefire way to woo her, but to his shocking surprise, Situ Mo mistakes the paper as notes for his class instead.

For those unclear where Gu Wei Yi was heading with this confession, he hoped that she would see that similar to particles being in the structure of everything, Situ Mo is the structure to his everything. Also, when the particles are multiplied by time, they complete a wave function, which in turn is meant to say that she completes his life. Well, geniuses may be experts in understanding difficult concepts related to school but not necessarily in ones that relate to professing to a crush! Bonus points for the cute Doraemon picture though.

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The grand confession from “With You

This confession is an absolute favorite solely for it being incredibly over the top and downright hilarious. In terms of checking off the list of the worst ways to confess, Lu Xing He’s (Wang Li Xin) grand way of doing so definitely ticks off most marks. He starts off by bringing out a megaphone because a public confession that is heard loudly and clearly is definitely going to win someone’s heart over.

He pours sodium into the fountain after getting inspiration from another student who states that love and chemistry are the same. Lu Xing He’s logic with this is to show Geng Geng (Tan Song Yun), his crush, that while they may be different people, they can come together and create sparks just like how sodium and water react…

The only issue though is that he decides to dump the whole bottle into a large pool of water, which ultimately creates an enormous explosion.

Needless to say, even Lu Xing He is left speechless at his brilliant event. Predictably, his confession does not succeed, but it sure brought on a great amount of laughter!

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The direct confession from “Sweet Combat

Sometimes a no-frills and simple confession is just as great, and this one fits the theme of its drama since Xiao Mi (Ivy Shao) is about to tear Sun Hao (Pei Zi Tian) apart with her words and fists. She misunderstands that he likes someone else and refuses to hear him out. This leads him to just directly fess up that he in fact has liked her the whole time, before she vents out all of her anger on him. It’s a funny confession at first because viewers see he’s going to be roasted alive, but once the misunderstanding clears up, it ends on a satisfyingly sweet resolution.

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The overdue confession from “Le Coup de Foudre

Slow and steady wins the race! This confession takes years to actually happen, despite the both of them liking each other in high school. Qiao Yi (Wu Qian) finally confesses why she made the decision to come to Beijing, and after witnessing all the angsty and melodramatic moments they endure, this scene sure does feel gratifying to watch as a viewer. It’s also great that Qiao Yi just stops holding it in and lets Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian) know just how she feels. Her confession is sincere, especially since the words hold the weight of so many years of pent-up emotions. While their romance could have been official at a much earlier time, it is better late than never.

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