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Oh My Girl has officially made their comeback!

On April 27, the group held a showcase to celebrate the release of their seventh mini album, “NONSTOP.” The showcase was broadcast online on Naver’s V Live to comply with social distancing guidelines.

About their new concept, leader Hyojung commented, “It’s a concept we’ve never tried before. Since the style is bright with a hip hop feel, we’re excited about it too.”

Oh My Girl had an unforgettable year last year with multiple first place wins on music shows. In particular, the group got a lot of attention for their appearance on the Mnet reality show “Queendom,” where they exceeded expectations with their ability to adapt to different concepts and showed off their various capabilities.

The members commented, “After debuting, there was never a moment where we didn’t work hard. Rather than saying that we changed, we think [‘Queendom’] gave us a reason to charge forward even more. ‘Queendom’ is a really special program to us. It was a good experience since it gave us the chance to show off the spectrum of our group. It also reminded us of our teamwork and our strengths. We want to thank everyone for watching the show, and we want to use it as an opportunity to present more diverse music.”

Arin shared her thoughts on her first acting role in “The World of My 17,” saying, “Since it’s my first acting role, I put a lot of passion and hard work into the production. I hope everyone shows lots of support for it.”

The title track “Nonstop” is a dance track that blends rhythmical bass and energetic synth sounds, mixed seamlessly with the members’ unique voices.

About the title track, Binnie shared, “The song compares the excitement you feel when you develop feelings for a friend to a board game. Since it’s a dance track, I think it’s a song lots of people can enjoy. I think it would be good to pay attention to the lyrics when listening to it.”

In particular, member Jiho has returned to promote the new mini album with the group, after taking a temporary break in January to focus on recovering her health.

Jiho confessed, “Since it’s been such a long time, I couldn’t believe it. I worried about being shy in front of cameras, and I feel kind of awkward.”

On the group entering their sixth year together, Seunghee commented, “When we don’t get nervous on stage anymore, when that nervousness becomes excitement, that’s when I feel like we’ve grown.” YooA added, “At first we were really fresh. But now, we embrace the excitement of performing instead of feeling nervous, and we’ve gotten more bold in variety shows. Whenever I see that, I feel really proud of the members and I feel like I need to improve even more.

Regarding the group’s strengths, they responded, “The balance between the members is our biggest strength. We’ve heard that the synergy we create when we’re gathered together resonates well with our audience and that we make them feel good. That’s our biggest strength.”

The group stated, “We hope we can complete our album promotions in good health. We’ve worked hard, so we hope we’ll see good results. Since our choreography this time is really attractive, we hope there’ll be lots of dance challenges. We want to remain in everyone’s memories as a bright and pleasant group. We hope 2020 becomes Oh My Girl’s year.”

In addition, they decided on a first place promise, announcing, “We think it will be fun to draw straws to change parts.”

Check out the music video for “Nonstop” here!

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