TWICE Talks About World Tour, Contributing To Growth Of K-Pop, 2020 Goals, And More

The members of TWICE held a press conference to mark the release of their “TWICE: Seize the Light” YouTube Original series.

“TWICE: Seize the Light” is a documentary that follows the girl group as they take on their “TWICELIGHTS” world tour in 2019. Not only will the series follow TWICE as they prepare for the tour, but it will also look back on the girl group’s shining moments from their trainee days till now. There will be a total of eight episodes and TWICE is the first K-pop girl group to have a YouTube Original series.

When asked how they feel about their accomplishments and whether there was a turning point in their careers, Jihyo said, “If we look back on the path TWICE has walked till now, we’re just so grateful to have received the amount of love, support, and attention we have gotten. In the early days of our debut, our dream was to hold a concert, and now we’re able to hold a world tour, and I’m so proud of that. As for a turning point, I think being able to hold a world tour and have a YouTube documentary made about it is a big turning point for us.”

When asked how they feel about the growth of K-pop into a global genre, Chaeyoung said, “First, we’re grateful to the many fans who are interested in and show love for K-pop. We’re very honored and happy to be able to contribute to K-pop, and we hope we were able to do that by sharing our unique energy and putting effort into being more approachable through our YouTube channel. K-pop will continue to grow, and we hope that TWICE can be one of the centers of that growth.”

Discussing the highs and lows of their careers, Nayeon said that TWICE shines the brightest when they are with ONCEs [TWICE’s offician fan club name] and added, “For our darkest times, I think that would be before our debut. Our future was uncertain and we didn’t know if we could debut or not.” Sana added, “We always say this but we were able to overcome everything because all nine of us are together. I think we felt that again from watching our documentary. There were times when we’d feel worn out mentally or physically, but because I had my fellow members and ONCEs by my side, I was able to keep going.”

Continuing to share their love for each other and their fans, Jeongyeon said, “We believe that all of the titles we’ve earned throughout our careers are gifts from our fans. We feel a greater sense of responsibility because of that, and I sometimes worry if we’ll be able to do enough for them, but having my fellow members and ONCEs by my side gives me strength and motivation. Being together allows us to lean on each other and move forward together.

On what they hope to share through their documentary, Dahyun explained, “We want to show a more honest side of ourselves. Fundamentally, we want to talk about hope. We just want to share our story of how we never gave up and kept working hard in the hopes that it will spark more hope in others. We also want to show our support for trainees who are walking the path we once took. Every day of training may seem monotonous, but all of those days will add up to create a better future, so please be strong and we’re supporting you.”

The members were also asked how they’ve been doing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and Nayeon responded, “We had worked really hard to prepare for our Tokyo Dome and encore concerts, and we’re so sad that we can’t greet our fans through them. We’re so sorry to the ONCEs who were excited for the concerts, but we’re glad that we’re still able to connect in other ways like livestream events. We’re working hard to prepare for and film new things, so please anticipate it. We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will subside soon and we will be able to see each other in good health.”

Tzuyu discussed the future goals TWICE has for themselves as she said, “We want to be able to show more people our growth. We want to show growth as TWICE, not only musically, but in our performances as well. For this world tour, we changed up the choreography, rearranged song, and did a lot of different things. Though we are still lacking, I hope we’re able to show how much TWICE has grown.”

Momo also talked about TWICE’s goals for 2020 as she said, “We’re in our fifth year since our debut now, and our goal is to show a new side of ourselves and more growth. I hope we’re able to greet ONCEs through new forms of content, not just albums and concerts. We’re especially grateful for this documentary as it also shows a new side of ourselves to our international fans. I think this documentary will be one that stays with us for a long time.”

TWICE is currently preparing for their June comeback, which will be their first comeback since last September’s “Feel Special.”

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