With the finale of tvN’s “A Piece of Your Mind” on April 28, the cast shared their closing comments about their drama, their viewers, and more.

Jung Hae In said, “This drama felt both long and short, but we were able to wrap it up well due to the viewers who loved ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ until the end. I want to thank them, as well as the cast and crew, who worked hard in a difficult environment [referring to the COVID-19 pandemic]. Without them, this drama would not have ended so well.”

He added, “I hope that viewers could gain a little bit of comfort from Ha Won overcoming his trauma and finding a new love. Thank you for watching until the end. I will work hard to greet you through a new project soon.”

Chae Soo Bin said, “I am already sad at the thought of saying goodbye to a drama that I’ve been working on from last year’s winter to this year’s spring. The time I spent as Han Seo Woo was a warm and happy time for me, which makes it harder to let her go. Thank you to everyone who showed their love for Seo Woo and the drama.”

She added, “Thank you to my colleagues, the senior and junior actors, the writer, the director, and the production staff, who worked hard in order to bring this production to life. I will work hard in order to greet you with an even better image next time. Thank you.”

Lee Ha Na said, “During the bitterly cold winter and the warm spring, I was happy every day on my way to work because I was working with such great people. I am grateful to have spent time with the best production staff and such great actors. ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ gave me a sense of healing. Thank you to the viewers who showed their love for the drama. I will greet you through another good project soon.”

Kim Sung Kyu said, “I am thinking of the first time I met the director, writer, and my fellow actors to talk about the script. We all felt that the theme and message of ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ was warmth. During filming, we worked hard to help each other and respect each other. Because of this, I will have nothing but warm memories of this project.”

He added, “This was my first drama project. This character was so different from the characters I’d played before, so I had a lot of concerns. I have some regrets, but I was able to gain positive energy from the people who cheered us on and wrap up filming on a good note. I really want to send my sincere thanks to the viewers. Later, I will greet everyone through another good project and show a different side of myself.”

Kim Nu Ri said, “The time I spent working on ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ was very meaningful to me. It was my first TV drama and I was really nervous and anxious. But the actors and production staff were so warm. Everyone worked as hard as they could in every moment. I was able to gain positive energy from that and have fun while filming. I am so happy to have worked on this project together with them, and I learned a lot while acting as Choi Soo Ji. I want to show more diverse sides of myself through new projects in the future. Thank you to everyone who loved ‘A Piece of Your Mind.'”

The finale of “A Piece of Your Mind” aired on April 28 at 9 p.m. KST.

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