CRAVITY Describes Members' 1st Impressions + Brainstorm Fun Ideas For A Reality Show

CRAVITY had fun communicating with fans!

On April 28, Starship Entertainment’s rookie boy group held a lying down broadcast on V Live.

Sharing stories with fans, Allen said, “We prepare cakes on our birthdays.” Jungmo added, “I learned how to cultivate swag while joking around.”

Woobin shared, “We listened to our title track and practiced a lot. When we practiced, each person took his turn dancing and the members gave feedback. Wonjin saw a ghost while dancing in front of us.” Wonjin explained, “We were practicing and an old man was standing near the bathroom door. But it wasn’t a place where an old man could be standing, so the members couldn’t go to the bathroom for two days.”

The CRAVITY members then referred to Allen as the “textbook of dance” and asked him to show off his moves. Wonjin commented, “I suddenly thought of April Fools’ Day. We chose someone to get punishment after spinning a roulette and it was to wear a really bad outfit. Jungmo was chosen, so he turned into a yellow chick.” Making everyone laugh, Jungmo added, “I went out wearing everything yellow including shoes and clothes.”

Minhee said, “CRAVITY is a group with incredible teamwork. What is something we can make possible?” Serim suggested, “I think we could have fun living on a deserted island if we just had board games and food.” The members commented, “What if we actually have to go to a deserted island?”

Woobin then asked the group to choose three members to go to a deserted island with him, but the members asked him to choose first. He revealed, “First, Minhee. I need someone who’s strong, so Serim. It might be boring, so I need someone who I converse well with. I’m the lowest person on the totem pole these days, so I’ve been getting teased.”

Taeyoung confidently said, “We can fill 10 episodes of a reality show if we were to go to an amusement park.” Woobin replied, “I don’t ride amusement park rides. I don’t think rides are fun. I’ll cheer hard for you guys down below.”

One fan asked CRAVITY to share stories from their first time meeting each other. Wonjin answered, “Serim’s first impression was amazing.” Serim explained, “I’ve frequently heard that my first impression is scary. I got close with the members really quickly, but they wouldn’t approach me. When I first arrived, I was in the vocal room by myself for about three or four hours.”

Wonjin said, “I couldn’t help it because Serim’s hair was green at the time. It was a culture shock.” Allen added, “I was glad that Serim was there. Serim took me around and introduced me to the members. I don’t know why people say he’s scary.” Wonjin commented, “Allen’s first impression was also scary. I was worried about how we could get close after hearing he’s a foreigner, but he spoke Korean really well.” Serim added, “Allen knows a lot of four-character idioms and is really good at speaking Korean.”

Serim chose Wonjin as the member that was different during the lying down broadcast and at their dorm. “There are traces of Wonjin in every room of the dorm,” said Serim. “But it’s clean here unlike the dorm.” Jungmo added, “I thought that Minhee would sleep during the lying down broadcast because he falls asleep within 10 seconds of lying down.”

Jungmo then said to fans, “The promise I can make to fans is that I’ll work harder from here on out to show you an improved appearance.” Allen added, “I promise not to get sick and to see you again with a healthy appearance.”

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